The tool to fit cooking into your busy life.

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Meal Mentor Recipes

We have the answer to fit cooking into your busy life.

Having a Plan Gives You Structure

Having structure and someone else doing all the planning is the shortcut step you need to go from thinking about eating differently “someday” to actually doing it.

When you eat healthier — you feel healthier, and when you feel healthier — you are morely likely to keep making good choices.

This you already know.

Knowledge isn’t the problem, it’s the application.

You can “know” and want (really, really want!), but you still have to DO.

Look, change is hard. I’m not going to lie. But eating “not crap” doesn’t have to be the struggle it currently is.

You don’t need a Instapot, a bigger kitchen, or more motivation. And you definitely don’t need to spend your life in the kitchen.

You just need a solid direction to move in instead of “figuring it out” constantly.

Meal Mentor is your game plan.

The necessary tool so you can actually fit cooking into your busy life.

Built for busy professionals. Students. Moms. Retirees. Even people who have never chopped an onion. (Really!)

The Meal Mentor philosophy rests on:

  • Plant-based recipes
  • Whole, unprocessed foods
  • Lots of fresh vegetables
  • No processed sugar, chemicals, or "fake" products

The meal plans are also seasonally minded, so you won’t be buying mangoes in the dead of winter or baking a casserole in the middle of July.

These recipes look AMAZING! I don't know how your team does it but I THANK you!! MM recipes are becoming new family favorites. Such a joy to hear my kids cheer when it's "Hawaii Five-O Bowl" night!! Unlike a lot of other wfpb sources I've tried, these meals get my kids on board and excited. Gracias!!
— Brandy Kidd

Having structure, a routine, and someone else doing all the planning was the shortcut step I needed to go from thinking about eating differently “someday” and actually doing it.

And once I did, I noticed changes EVERYWHERE.

I slept better. I didn’t feel like a bloated farm animal… I had laser focus. I had enough energy to actually be productive and do all the things… Heck, I quit coffee!

Just look at this epic difference:

It’s always easy to put this off until another day. “I should really start eating better” is true — but when?

There is no perfect time to start, just the time you do.

Like you, I work insane hours, have a family to care for, social obligations and a chore list that won’t quit. But I also know when I eat well and LIKE the food I’m eating, I zip through it all with more ease. And I feel good that I’m taking care of myself + my family.

You can have the kind of meals you dream instead of being stuck with the boring, unhealthy crap you keep trying to break up with.

Meal Mentor is how you do it.

Actual meals you'll cook:

Members share photos of the recipes they make from the meal plan. #mealmentor
Members have shared over 24,893 recipes on Instagram. #mealmentor

With Meal Mentor holding your hand every step of the way, you’ll discover how to cook food that #1 you LOVE and #2 actually fits into your busy life.

Our members are just like you. People with no time, busy schedules, and different levels of cooking experience (including never even dicing an onion):

Now look at what they’re eating every day:

Meal Mentor members share what they've made on Instagram. #mealmentor
Meal Mentor members share what they've made on Instagram. #mealmentor

You don’t need to buy an InstaPot, wait for the perfect kitchen, or find more motivation. If you’ve been wanting to wake up with energy, eat amazing food, and have it all work on YOUR schedule, Meal Mentor is the answer.

Join on SALE day and pay only 14.2% of the full value. That’s right! As an VIP member, you will get a whopping 85.8% discount!

Annual Membership includes:

  • Private VIP Facebook group with Lindsay
  • Access to Private Members Forums
  • Bonus cookbooks
  • Live support chats
  • Access to private Members-only forums
  • PRIORITY customer support
  • Peace of mind…
  • SUCCESS!!!

Buy the Annual Membership for as low as $179 per year.

FREE Sample Plan

Includes 18 recipes, shopping list, and a prep sheet.

Our plans have helped over 30,257 people invest in their health. Meal Mentor's meal plans save you time and frustration because we've done all the planning for you.

Private VIP Facebook group

Voted the #1 member benefit.

The Facebook group is the good gravy to VIP membership. Everyone is incredibly supportive and helpful. You’ll make many life-long friends!! And the pictures, OMG the pictures!! It’s SO helpful to see exactly what everyone else is doing.

I have never batch cooked a whole week's plan. I have only used a recipe or two per week, and some times skipped weeks altogether. But I have to say that I love [Meal Mentor's VIP Facebook] group... the members and the leaders. You all rock!
— Michelle Lewis on Facebook
"My annual membership recently renewed and I couldn't be happier. The meal plans have helped me eat healthily on a budget, and batch-cooking has helped me SOOOO much in terms of saving time. I've also lost nearly 16lbs over the past four months. Best investment ever!"
— Sarah B

At only $3.44 a week, less than 50¢ a day.

This membership sale is a no brainer.

Having a positive group that understands a very personal aspect of your life (food!) is something that I'm not sure that I'll be able to give up, especially when you consider the cost as only so many dollars a month. =)
— Andrea Venn on Facebook

Just think about how this weekly shortcut will change your life.

Never having to plan our meals and make lists again... that's worth it's weight in gold.
— Alicia Hull on Facebook

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Meal Mentor different than all the cookbooks out there?

#1 If all you needed was recipes, why are still going to Chipotle?? Why are you still eating what you’re eating?

A meal plan is a game plan. Having a solid direction to move in instead of “figuring it out” is the shortcut step you needed to go from thinking about eating differently “someday” to actually doing it.

  • Seasonal Menu.
  • Useful shopping list.
  • Step-by-step instructions for pulling it all together.
  • Cookbooks don’t have this. They have no game plan.

#2 Most cookbooks and recipes assume you want to create elaborate gourmet meals on Tuesday. Who has time for that? Meal Mentor is about making it work. Simple, good meals that fit into the lifestyles of real, busy people. Whether you cook ahead on the weekend or have 15 minutes at night.

#3 We also don’t use weird, obscure ingredients you have to drive to Whole Foods for. We use ketchup, and mustard, canned beans, and salsa. All normal stuff.

If you don’t want to think about it…

If you don’t want to spend hours on food prep…

If you just want it to work!!! Meal Mentor is for you.

How many hours per week does this require?

You’ll need to shop for food (or use Instacart or other delivery) and then prep and cook. If you opt to do all the cooking all at once, you’re looking at 3 to 4 hours, but once you get the hang of things, it’ll take even less time. Cook while listening to your favorite podcast or binge on Netflix! And if you prefer to cook nightly, you’re looking at 5-25 minutes a night.

What if I’m gluten-free / soy-free / hate mushrooms / allergic to corn / not vegan?

Meal Mentor doesn’t pick sides. While the meal plans are 100% plant-based, you could add chicken, or fish, or cheese to your portion of your family's portion. Half of our members do that.

The meal plans are also soy-free, gluten-free, and nut-free friendly, meaning if that’s you, you’ll never have to make a modification or substitution. If you have another allergy or aversion, no biggie, all the recipes are flexible and forgiving. SEEING all unique interpretations each week by your fellow members is the best part.

I just had to say thank you on every level for this, the directing and the variety. I've been struggling to the point of tears trying to figure this out. My journey now has a solid direction!
— Jennifer Henderson on Facebook

Can’t I just write my own meal plans?

Yes! You could — and if you have 2 free hours every week to flip through cookbooks, scan the internet for ideas, find recipes that use the right ingredients, write out a detailed shopping list and check it against your inventory, then you absolutely should. That’s a great use of your free time.

OR you could skip through all that tediousness and use those two hours to shop, cook and be done for the whole week.

That’s me. If I’m lucky to have 2 free hours, I definitely don’t want to do THAT. I’d rather read a book while I do my laundry.

I also need the meal plan and shopping list to just hit my inbox every week. Otherwise I’ll make an excuse, say I’ll do it later, and then end up going to Chipotle 5x a week.

What if I like doing my own thing?

If that’s working for you, and you don’t want to change anything, keep on keepin’ on. Whenever I try to “wing it” — with anything in life — vacations, afternoon plans, feeding myself (!) I always execute poorly.

I mean… just look at the difference in my family.

The only change? Meal Mentor. I thought meal planning would eliminate my flexibility and freedom, but I never realized how much time I lost being unprepared all the time. Or how trying to pull something together last minute took MORE time. Even if you don’t follow each plan perfectly, having a solid direction to move in allows you to be more spontaneous later.

What if I don’t batch cook?

Batch cooking is fantastic, but not required. The recipes are fast enough for nightly cooking, but I encourage cooking ahead on the weekend to reheat all week.

What if I don’t need to lose weight?

Meal Mentor is a tool that helps you actually fit cooking into your busy life. Because people start eating better, they start feeling better and lose weight as a bonus. If weight-loss isn’t one of your goals, simply follow the add-on suggestions with every meal.

Will this help me lose weight?

Absolutely, and in a healthy way. “Start meal planning” is the #1 diet advice for good reason. You can always control what goes in your mouth. You can’t control your schedule or the weather, or your kids. ;) But you can control what you eat. As a VIP member you’ll also be eligible for the Slim Team (our official weight-loss program). 80% of weight-loss is diet. My abs are made in the kitchen.

Lindsay Nixon showing off her abs.

What if my family isn’t vegan?

Most of our members aren’t vegan. Many are vegetarian, many more are trying to be, and even of those that ARE, their families are not. While the meal plans are suitable for vegans, this is definitely not a “veg*n” community.

Will my kids like the food?

Most members are parents feeding fussy families :) They’re always sharing what meals went over well and provide tips. It’s nice having that resource: other parents cooking the same thing as you.

I had to jump on the Cinnamon Roll in a Mug bandwagon, and I made one for me and 2 of my little boys (8 and 11). I was skeptical of my 11 year old actually eating / enjoying it because he is sooooo picky. Amazingly, after he ate it he asked me to show him how to make it so he could make one before school in the morning!
— Kerri W
We are one week in using the meal plans, and my picky kids ate every meal! I put off getting the meal plans for so long b/c I thought my kids would reject the food. Wish I had done this long ago!
— Meagan Clare on Facebook

How often do the recipes repeat?

In 2015, the individual plan had a total of 562 new recipes with only 68 being repeats (and almost all of those being breakfasts). The family plan had 476 new recipes, with 46 repeats. There’s a minimum of 8 new recipes every week. The ones we DO repeat, are requested by members because they were so beloved. 

Will it save you money?

Just read what our members have said:

Amy Torres saves $1,425 a year with lower grocery bills.
Last month my average shopping cart was coming up around $80 per week [shopping with the meal plan]. Before that, I would easily spend around $140 (mostly eating out). This week I only spent $0 on groceries!
— Flavia Grey on Facebook

How did she spend $0? She checked her pantry before she went shopping.

Before the meal plans, I was not skilled enough in planning meals to have food ready to take to work for lunch, or for when I worked late and came home too hungry to cook. Also, I live in a relatively high cost area. So, with the meal plans and not having to eat at restaurants or take-out places frequently, I save at least $200/month ($2,400/year). This does not count the saving from regular weekly grocery shopping, which is significant. That is why I always say that I can't afford not to do the meal plans!
— Lynn Walcher on Facebook

I’m still unsure…

Who is this really for?

I created Meal Mentor for real, actual, busy people. People who don’t have time, Food Network kitchens, or culinary degrees. People who just want to come home, open their fridge, and pull out a dinner that’s already made but not from a box. And most of all, for people who don’t want to think about it, figure it out, spend hours in circles… they just want it to work.

Meal Mentor is NOT for you if…

  • You’re an advanced cook looking for gourmet recipes.
  • You have an ardent interest in random, obscure ingredients (i.e. foodies).
  • You have a lot of free time.
  • You’re the vegan police. (This is a judgement-free zone.)

Meal Mentor IS for you if…

  • You want to eat flavorful food that doesn’t come out of a box.
  • You’re a busy body who wants to eat better, but doesn’t want to spend all night in the kitchen.
  • You need help and love a shortcut.
  • You don’t want to think about it. You just want it to work.
  • You want to invest in your health and need some direction.
  • You want to to meet real people who don’t expect you to be perfect.

An UNBEATABLE Guarantee:

Try Meal Mentor for 30 days (100% risk-free)

If you don’t love what you’re eating — if you’re not relieved at how easy it’s become to maintain a healthy lifestyle — just email customer service team ( for a full refund and we’ll part as friends.

If you’re still doubting yourself, I get it.

I always start doubting myself when I sign-up for anything too. Even paint night.

Tell yourself, this is just an experiment. No pressure!

Give it three weeks and then decide whether or not to commit. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Are you ready?

Just think about how this weekly shortcut might change your life.

Maybe you want to lose weight and you know that eating more balanced meals will help you do just that. Plus you know the group support will help you stay on track.

Or maybe you’ve fallen in a rut and need new ideas that will help your family eat more healthfully.

Or maybe you missed the last sale and regretted it…

These are all great reasons. And that's why, if you want to lose weight, eat good food, SIMPLIFY, save yourself time, frustration and energy… never have to count, track, or worry… then you should take advantage of this massive sale today.

Join the other VIPs!

THIS could be the very last time you ever say, “Well, today is just not the day to get my life together, I guess”

Your next year could look this good:

Meal Mentor Recipes

Join on SALE day and pay only 14.2% of the full value. That’s right! As an annual member, you will get a whopping 85.8% discount!

Annual Membership includes:

  • Access to Private Members Forums ($99)
  • 15+ bonus cookbooks ($285)
  • 8+ educational books and Guides ($48)
  • Exclusive videos ($49)
  • Live support chats ($49)
  • OVER 1,000 recipes (new recipes every week!)
  • 104 meal plans (different each week) ($728)

PLUS you get all these OTHER perks:

  • Private VIP Facebook group with Lindsay
  • Access to private Members-only forums
  • PRIORITY customer support
  • Peace of mind…
  • SUCCESS!!!

The total value is $1,258, the membership to you is only $179, which makes it 85.8% savings!

Buy the Annual Membership for as low as $179 per year.

FREE Sample Plan

Includes 18 recipes, shopping list, and a prep sheet.

Our plans have helped over 30,257 people invest in their health. Meal Mentor's meal plans save you time and frustration because we've done all the planning for you.