You are Special (Stop Comparing!) - Embrace Your Beautiful Individuality!

I'm sure we can all remember saying as a kid, "Johnny has more [ice cream] than me! No fair!" and then someone no doubtably retorted "Life's not fair."

The real lesson isn't understanding that life is not fair but that comparing ourselves to others is not fair.

Even with the strictest diet and rigorous exercise I'll probably never look like Jessica Alba, and no matter how successful I become, I'll probably never have the bank account that Oprah has. I will always allow them to motivate me and inspire me to be my best self, but I won't compare myself to them.

In the past, I have compared myself to others but now I remind myself that there are special things about me that others do not possess. I'm special. They're special. We're all special, extraordinary and uniquely different.

don't compare

"Enjoy your own life without comparing it with that of another."- Marquis de Condorcet

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