Eat a Salad First (How to Navigate Eating Out)

Any time I go out to eat I order a salad -- usually the full as opposed to the "side" and request that it come before my meal. I eat the salad, and then my meal. This makes sure I get my greens in, but also helps keep me from over eating rich, restaurant food.


Even though I try to make good choices at restaurants -- picking meals that are vegetable heavy, asking for my food to be prepared "dry" without oil, avoiding anything described as fried or deep-fried, and selecting brown rice, or other whole grains over white grains when possible -- I know that restaurant food is still a sneaky calorie bomb. They also serve so much food on giant plates and I'm visually tricked into eating more.

A belly full of vegetables helps keep me from myself. If I order a pile of whole-wheat vegan banana pancakes, I'll eat them all and order more if I don't first start with that salad.

BUT BE CAREFUL with the salad -- some restaurant dressings have as much fat and calories as premium ice creams. I usually skip the dressing and ask for lemon or lime to squeeze on top instead. Or I order a salad that has a lot of different stuff in it, so it's flavorful enough on it's own.

Lettuce, or a lettuce mix, tomatoes, carrots and corn make a great salad and just about any restaurant can put this together.

Try eating a salad before your meal.

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