What is Caloric Density? How to Eat MORE and Weigh Less!

People often ask me if our 1200 calorie meal plans will be enough food for them. We get more emails about just how STUFFED everyone is from our big portions and plant-based meals than we do from people who are still hungry.


Natala from Engine 2 explains caloric density here, which also explains how our meal plans give you huge portions for less calories so you can still feel satisfied while losing weight. From Natala:

Remember caloric density when you are trying to lose weight.

Vegetables have 100 calories per pound, fruit 300 calories per pound, whole grains 500 calories per pound, beans 600 calories per pound, animal meat, 1000 calories per pound, refined carbs (white flour stuff) 1400 calories per pound, junk food, 2300 calories per pound, nuts/seeds, 2800 calories per pound, oil 4000 calories per pound.

Staying on the lower end of the caloric density scale is key to weight loss. Stick to vegetables/greens (half your plate) and then beans/grains/starches divided up in the rest of the portions

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