How to Stop and Understanding Emotional Eating

Handling emotions without turning to food can be a knotty problem, health officials agree, involving physical, emotional and spiritual strands.

PHYSICAL SIGNALS--One solution is to pay attention to what our body is saying. Are we truly feeling hunger pangs? "When we eat in the absence of hunger cues, regularly choose unhealthy comfort foods or continue eating when we're already full, something is out of balance" observes Simon at Overeating Recovery

Identifying 'trigger" foods might also enlighten us. You're out of control if you have a particular food in your hand and you can't just enjoy it, walk away and say Ahh, that was wonderful. Life's okay without that particular food. The key is being smart about which foods we need to eliminate and which ones will help us feel good and enjoy an overall better quality of life.

When you follow a plant-based, unprocessed, whole foods eating plan, your body chemistry becomes balanced and your biochemical signals (hunger, cravings and fullness) work well. Each time you eat, you feel satisfied and balanced, physically and emotionally.

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from Natural Awakenings Feb 2013 by Judith Fertig

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