Can you Eat Pasta and Lose Weight? YES!! Here's How to Have Your Pasta & Eat It Too!

I'm always getting questions not too unlike this one: "Can I eat whole-wheat pasta and lose weight? Is it too processed?"

There's no simple "yes" or "no" answer to either question. Whole-wheat (or gluten-free) pasta is "processed" when compared to, say, brown rice, but it's not nearly as processed as white pasta or an Oreo. I like to think of food on this spectrum. What are we comparing it to?

Do I think eating whole-wheat (or gluten-free) pasta occasionally as part of a whole foods, low-fat, plant-based diet, is fine? Absolutely! With one note: Pasta (even whole-wheat pasta) should accent our diet. I know it's convenient (and for many of us, comforting), but variety is key when it comes to health. Eat and enjoy your pasta — just not every day.

As for weight loss, you can eat pasta and still reach your weight-loss goals. We include whole-wheat (and gluten-free) pasta and noodle dishes from time to time on the meal plans.

The tricky issue with pasta is that it's high in calories and not necessarily satisfying. I can easily plow through a 500+ calorie bowl of pasta and still want more food... However I can't plow through 500+ calories of vegetables with that same ease. That's why when we serve pasta on the meal plans it's combined with plenty of veggies so you get the bulk without the calories. If you're making pasta, make sure at least half the bowl is vegetables.

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