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"Meal times felt overwhelming"

"... with deciding what to make, figuring out ingredients and I won't even get started on how challenging grocery shopping was.

I have been cooking the meal plan for my family since Saturday and I love it!! The plan has helped me enormously.

I feel extremely confident that this plan will keep me organized with feeding my family." - Missy

How awesome would it be to have ready-to-eat meals?

This Week's Plan

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  • New plans are released every Wednesday

With all the new and exciting flavors, this week's meal plan will have you saying "oh my veggies!" Awesome new meals are just waiting to leave you feeling full and satisfied.

Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner including…

How the Meal Plans Work

Meal Plans Inside Look

Lindsay walks you through how to use both the Individual and Family meal plans. Our plans have been redesigned in 2015 to make meal planning easier for you.

See the the new Shopping List & Prep Sheet

Enjoy all the benefits of meal planning

Your Meal Mentor membership includes:

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How to Use the Meal Plans

In this video, I show you exactly what it's like to start using the meal plans. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included every week.


The meal plans are gluten-free friendly, which means the recipes are either naturally gluten-free or can easily be made gluten-free with simple substitutions such as using gluten-free pasta instead of whole-wheat.

photo of Bruschetta Stew

Bruschetta Stew

Plant-Based & Vegan Recipes

All recipes are low-fat and 100% plant-based. Your meal plan will always be oil-free and nuts are optional. No dairy. No eggs. No meat or fish. No animal products.

photo of Fajita Fries

Fajita Fries

Soy-Free Recipes

All recipes are or can be made soy-free.

photo of Sweet Pea Risotto

Sweet Pea Risotto

Answers to Your Questions

Are the meal plans gluten-free? Soy-free? Vegan?

The meal plans are gluten-free friendly, which means the recipes are either naturally gluten-free or can easily be made gluten-free with simple substitutions such as using gluten-free pasta instead of whole-wheat. The plans are also soy-free friendly and 100% plant-based (vegan). No dairy. No eggs. No animal products.

Are the meal plans Dinner Only?

Our meal plans have new Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinners each week. We also provide 97 breakfasts recipes that you can pair with the meal plans.

Do I get both plans with my Premium Membership?

Yes! When you become a premium member, you'll have access to both the individual meal plans with their breakfast, lunch, and dinner structure, as well as the family plan. The individual plan also comes with a structured plan for desserts and snacks, while the family plan includes bonus recipes for breakfast and lunch each week!

I have a two person household. Should I use the individual or family plan?

The family plan works very well for couples! Each dinner recipe makes four servings: two for dinner, and two for lunch the next day! The individual plan also works for those two person households who prefer the daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner structure. You would simply double the shopping list to have enough food for two people.

I'm very busy and unable to cook three times a day. Can I still use your meal plans?

Yes, we actually suggest that you spend one day making most of the meals ahead of time so that you can just reheat and go during the week. In each meal plan, we indicate which recipes can be made ahead, and which should be made to order – complete with prep and cooking instructions! These plans are perfect for busy people.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, if you contact us within 30 days of purchase by forwarding your purchase and asking for a refund. The limit is 30 days because this is what our payment providers support.

Where can I get the Calorie Index and 50 & 100 Calorie Snacks PDFs?

Here you can download the Calorie Index and the 50 and 100 calorie Snacks PDF.

Can I buy a single week of meal plans?

We no longer offer single week plans. To get a taste of what Meal Mentor offers, sign up for our free 7-Day Sample Meal Plan.

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