Here’s What Meal Mentor is All About

Hiya! I’m Lindsay S. Nixon, the creator of Meal Mentor, and if you’ve ever thought:

  • “Meal planning, calorie counting, and grocery list making is exhausting.”
  • “I’m sick of wondering “what’s for dinner?” I need inspiration for new meals.”
  • “I want my family to eat healthier. I need to make more balanced meals.”
  • “I waste too much food from impulse purchasing. I need to save money, budget.”
  • “I need to get serious and lose weight.”

Or if you’ve ever just needed structure and support to be consistent and stay on track…

… You’re in the RIGHT place!

Lindsay S. Nixon speaking at Farms 2 Forks Conference.

Don't Lose Hours Planning Meals Yourself, Let Meal Mentor Plan Your Week.

I know you're busy working a full-time job, raising a family, and juggling 418 other "to do's", and yet you still see the importance of investing in your health! (High five!) You know that your future self is completely dependent on how you live today and you want to do a better job, but it's all so overwhelming, right?

Scouring the internet for new recipes and ideas, trying to calorie count and make balanced meals, wasting more time writing a shopping list, then trying to get everything at the store (inevitably forgetting something!) only to still face the daunting task of cooking every night after a long day…

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to print a shopping list already made for you, buy a few items from the store, spend two short hours cooking, and be done for the entire week? Coming home to a healthy, hot, already prepared meal waiting just for you?

With Meal Mentor I’ll show you EXACTLY what you need to buy, cook, and prep, so you’re in, out, and done in less than three hours for the entire week. Come home in the evening, reheat in the microwave for three minutes, and dinner is on the table.

“I love that I can spend less time in the kitchen with the way you developed the cooking prep time." — Lisa Vargas

FREE 7-Day Sample Meal Plan

Our plans have helped over 28,478 people invest in their health.

I’m a home cook just like you, trying to feed my family a healthy meal amidst an 80-hour work week, social obligations, and a neverending pile of laundry and list of errands. (So I get it.)

When a serious health scare hit me in my early 20s, I knew I needed to shape up and start eating right. I learned quickly if I wanted to stay on track, lose weight, be consistent, and feel better I needed to have a plan — a meal plan — and start cooking my meals ahead (because my weekdays were just too crazy!)

If I can do it, you can do it!

Introducing Meal Mentor Membership

Meal Mentor is also a thriving (and fast growing) community of moms, dads, coeds, singles, couples, seniors, and other meal makers who want to live in the fast line but not the drive-thru.

They want to push through plateaus, eat good food, simplify their life, lose weight, and chart a course for a healthier, realistic destiny! It’s a billion times easier to stay on track and be consistent with a plan in place! We support each other in our struggles and triumphs.

You can start by trying our 7-Day sample meal plan (it's free!) When you're ready to join the party, I highly recommend you upgrade to premium membership because you'll get instant access to both the individual and family dinner plan, peer support community, access to our unlimited support and coaching, exclusive ebooks and videos, online chats and calls with me, plus your plans are automatically delivered to your inbox every week!

Ready now? Become a member by clicking here.

FREE 7-Day Sample Meal Plan

Our plans have helped over 28,478 people invest in their health.

About Lindsay S. Nixon

Lindsay S. Nixon and her pugs

Hiya! I’m Lindsay. I used to be a lawyer (Yep!) and now I… do… this.

I always knew I wanted to help people, I just didn’t know how to do that, exactly. I tried on many hats — I worked in customer service, as a personal trainer, and I was even a lawyer! but nothing fit. I was miserable. “I JUST WANT TO HELP PEOPLE!” I’d scream.

When I started blogging recipes in 2007, I had no idea where it would lead, but I soon discovered my cooking was helping people. A lot of people! I was proving that eating healthy could be easy, affordable, practical, “everyday” realistic AND delicious.

It’s been Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride ever since! It started with sharing recipes and information, which lead to five best-selling cookbooks (plus one awesome Guide book) and eventually, a meal plan service, because I wanted to make it even easier for you to eat healthy. I wanted to take out all of the guesswork and planning, because I know from my own experiences that finding the time is often the hardest part of being healthy.

And that brings us to Meal Mentor! For the past three and a half years, I’ve been helping thousands of people merge into the fast-lane on the highway to health with fuss-free fast recipes, shopping lists, and make-it-work tips. (My mantra is “progress not perfection.”)

And now I want to help you!

If you’re ready to let me make it easy for you, all you have to do is enter your email below to get your roadmap and click “Download Now!” Let the journey begin!

FREE 7-Day Sample Meal Plan

Our plans have helped over 28,478 people invest in their health.