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Plan and cook your meals in just 60 minutes a week.

Sticking to a plant-based diet doesn’t need to be stressful, time-consuming, or expensive. Meal Mentor makes it incredibly easy to live your best life without all the fuss.

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Meal Mentor has everything you need to make living a healthy, vegan lifestyle easy.

Access & customize your weekly meal plan every Sunday

Join thousands of Meal Mentor members in making Sunday your #MealPlan day. Every Sunday, simply open your email or the Meal Mentor app and see the new weekly menu our team has lovingly and carefully put together, just for you.

Have a look through your suggested meal plan and decide how many meals and servings you need that week. Know you’re going out for dinner Friday night? Just remove that meal from your weekly plan. Not a fan of a certain recipe? Browse through our recipe database on the app for your favorites (or to try something new) and swap it out in seconds.

New Menus each week on the Meal Mentor App
Recipes prepared in minutes

Use your custom grocery list to shop for your favorite ingredients

Now that you’ve decided on your official meal plan for the week, head to your shopping list. If you’re using the app, we’ll auto-generate an itemized grocery list for you, covering all the ingredients you need to make your meals — nothing more, nothing less.

Head to your favorite grocery store or market and cross off the items as you shop. Rather not use your smartphone or tablet? You can easily print your list off and pop it in your bag. You can even substitute ingredients for more seasonal choices, opt for organic produce, and prioritize selecting fresh, local foods.

Meal prep for the whole week in just 60 minutes

Don’t want to spend every night slogging away in the kitchen? With Meal Mentor, you don’t have to. Happy Herbivore, the team behind Meal Mentor, has been helping busy vegans meal plan for years, and they know exactly how to put together a weekly meal plan that can be prepared in just 60 minutes a week, or in just 5 o 20 minutes a night.

Meal Mentor provides precise, easy-to-follow, step-by-step directions, so you can achieve delicious results, even if you’re no Master Chef or new to vegan cooking. You can even cross off ingredients in the app as you use them. Don’t want to meal prep all in one day? No problem. Most recipes can be prepared in just 5-20 minutes – perfect for busy weeknights.

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Meals for every lifestyle

No matter your goals, dietary needs or food preferences, we believe you deserve to become the healthiest version of yourself.


Meal Mentor makes it easy to stick to a WFPB diet, no matter how much you have on your plate (pun intended). Whip up a variety of nutritious, home-cooked meals, so you never have to worry about getting into a food rut or desperately ordering takeout again.

Weight Loss

Meal Mentor is the only vegan-specific weight management meal planning membership. Our recipes include calorie counts and macronutrient counts, with some meals including options for waist-friendlier portions and lighter substitutions.

Diet Restrictions

Soy-free, gluten-free and nut-free doesn’t have to mean taste-free. All Meal Mentor recipes can be easily adapted to meet your dietary restrictions or preferences.

Seasonal Shopping

By shopping for your own ingredients, you choose what goes into each and every meal. Easily make substitutions to enjoy whatever foods are in-season (or on-sale) and get everything you need at your local grocery store or market.

What you can expect from your Meal Mentor membership?

Wondering what you get for just $2.48 a week? Here’s a peek.

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Unlimited Access To The Meal Mentor App.

Get everything you need to sustain your plant-based, vegan lifestyle — wherever, whenever.

New Menus each week on the Meal Mentor App

A Week’s Worth Of Researched, Customizable, Easy-to-Follow Recipes

A weekly meal plan of simple vegan plant-based recipes, each prepared in 5-20 minutes using real, whole ingredients. With options for 7 to 21 meals per week, choose a plan that works for you.

Recipes prepared in minutes

One-Click Custom Grocery List.

Shop with a list of all the ingredients you need in a single click. Nothing more, nothing less.

Build you grocery lists with One-Click

Searchable Recipe Database

Access hundreds of our most popular Meal Mentor recipes in our in-app recipe database, all free and immediately at your fingertips.

Search through 100s of Recipes

Community (Annual Memberships only)

Join thousands of members in our Meal Mentor community Facebook Group. Share your experience and get the support you need from like-minded individuals.

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OMG, this is so good!!! Vietnamese Loaded Fries from @mealmentor Used Japanese sweet potato instead of regular sweet potato, because the Japanese variety is my absolute favorite!



Meal prepped like a bandit today. Made an entire workweek of lunch and dinner for us from the @mealmentor #shortcuttoslimblueprint to reset our systems after a week of junk eating.

Plant-based Weight Watcher


A delicious, creative dinner of watermelon tacos from @mealmentor. I loved this dinner and it’s one of the best recipes I’ve made from #mealmentor yet! The #watermelonsalsa was a lovely, refreshing addition.

Jenn K.


Commonly Asked Questions

The number of meals you get depends on the Meal Mentor plan you select. All Meal Mentor plans include a nightly dinner recipe that has been expertly taste-tested to make for great next-day leftovers. While we do not include specific lunch recipes, we recommend that you double your normal serving size when cooking dinner, saving one serving for lunch the following day.

For example, if you’re just feeding yourself, you’d make two servings: eating one for dinner and and the next for lunch. If you’re a couple, you’d make 4 servings for dinner, rather than just two. If you’re a family of 4, you can just double the recipe.

The Meal Mentor membership covers lunch and dinner only, so you get 56 planned meals per month (or 14 meals per week). Please visit our membership page for more details.

Many of our members report spending $30 a week per person, or $45 if they choose organic ingredients. If you don't already have a well-stocked spice rack or pantry, your first week will cost more to buy some staple ingredients (but you won’t need to repurchase them for awhile). We also recommend looking for on-sale vegetables, bulk options, and buying frozen instead of fresh whenever you can.
Yes! Meal Mentor was created for busy people. Even by following the meal plan once or twice per week, you’ll shave hours off your weekly meal prep time, not to mention the overwhelming feeling of meal planning for an entire week. And, because you have everything you need right on your phone, you can also batch cook on a designated day (or two) during the week. Each recipe explains whether your meal can be made ahead of time or if it is best made fresh.

Absolutely. In the Meal Mentor app, simply swap out the recipes you don’t want with others in our database that you’d prefer. Your in-app grocery list will be automatically updated to reflect your customized meal plan. Because Meal Mentor lets you shop for your own ingredients, you can also customize your meals based on personal preferences and dietary needs. Don’t like spinach and want to swap it out for lettuce? No problem! Just make the note in your grocery list and shop accordingly.

Our recipes also serve 1-4 people, so they work for individuals, couples and families — plus the variety of delicious meals will be loved by everyone (yes, even your non-vegan partners, friends, and kiddos).

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