A bottle of soda or a Healthy Breakfast?

A soda for breakfast or a healthy meal?

I was at a convenience store recently and noticed soda bottles (and cans) now list the total amount of calories. Previously, they listed about half, then said on the nutrition label "serves 2" which was a little deceptive, imho.

Anyway, I noticed a bottle of root beer had 270 calories -- which is exactly 18 calories less than breakfast on the meal plan. 5 baby carrots is about 18 calories, so you could have a root beer and 5 baby carrots OR you could have one of our meals: a big bowl of pumpkin oatmeal, a muffin with fresh fruit, tofu scramble with vegetables, a breakfast roll-up, even a sweet potato with peanut butter!

I choose real food! Seeing that label really put soda in perspective for me -- and hope it does for you too!

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