A New Powerful Way of Thinking About Diet and Choice (Mind Over Matter)

fresh produce at a market

Mind Over Matter: I like to tell people (and myself) I can have anything, I simply choose not to. There is a lot of power in this kind of thinking.

In the past diets drove me crazy because if I wasn’t allowed something, suddenly I’d want it and think about it non-stop even if it wasn’t usually something I really liked in the first place! It was as if putting a food on a “no” list made it somehow more desirable.

My resolve? I told myself I could have anything. Nothing - absolutely nothing - was off limits. It was my choice, and then being allowed to have it, somehow made me not care or desire it anymore. It was amazing how my attitude changed my experience.

Focus on what you're enjoying now, not what you've given up -- or better yet, choosing to pass up!

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