How to Stop Mindless Eating

baby carrots on white plate with a white background

I once plowed through an entire bag of baby carrots without blinking an eye. I stuck my hand in to grab another only to -- gasp! -- there weren't any left! At first, I didn't think much of it -- after all, carrots are healthy right? but excess is still excess and I'd mindless nibbled away a lot of calories!

Snacking has always been my pitfall. I love to snack, often because it gives me something to do. So what do I do instead? I brush my teeth.

That's right! Anytime I get the urge to snack mindlessly, I brush my teeth. There is something about brushing my teeth that silences my fake "bored" hunger signals -- and my dentist seems pleased with my enhanced mouth care!

Give it a try -- and don't feel silly doing it in the communal bathroom at work. It was actually a former coworker who turned me onto this practice. Stop on the way home to buy an extra toothbrush and a small tube of toothpaste!

  1. Buy toothbrush, toothpaste today!
  2. Leave it in the car or in your purse

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