How to Add More Dessert to the Meal Plans (Healthy, Low Cal, Low Fat Diet Desserts)

vegan black bean brownies

From a Subscriber: "Knowing I can have dessert the end of the day helps keep me on target. When I saw that a celery stick with peanut butter was a dessert, I was really disappointed. Can you formulate meal plans to include your "real" desserts?"

I'm trying to make the meal plans as filling as possible by giving you the most food possible, all within 1200 calories. Thus, 100+ calorie desserts (even Happy Herbivore's super healthy ones!) don't really make sense, but if you want a bigger dessert (and you still want to stay within the 1200 calorie range), skip the dessert and snacks provided and have a Happy Herbivore cookie], [[|brownie, or other Happy Herbivore treat instead - just try to keep the treat under 140 calories.

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