Getting Fit & Weight-Loss Tips from a Vegan Body Builder (part 2)

Vegan model and fitness superstar Noel is back (read part 1 here) sharing his tips for losing weight (I bet you've never heard these ones before!), bulking up (this might surprise you!) and getting fit.

GMP: For a vegan hoping to lose weight, other than managing their diet with healthy, whole foods like we use on the meal plans, do you have any other tips or advice?

If someone who is vegan and is having trouble losing weight I recommend following intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting its not a diet you just changing your eating time, and you also follow this everyday. For beginners you make your eating time from 12pm to 7pm. During 12pm and 7pm you eat your 3 or four meals. Then after 7pm you have nothing but water. You will start eating again the next day at 12pm. Before 12pm you just drink water. Intermittent fasting gives your body more time to burn fat. Combining plant-based nutrition and intermittent fasting and training hard will help you burn fat quickly. So cardio on empty stomach just water 4 or 5 times a week.

GMP: For a vegan hoping to bulk up or improve their muscular performance and physique, what advice do you have?

If you want to bulk up its simple just increase your calories.

GMP: So you don't take any special supplements like protein powder?

I don't take any post workout shakes or preworkout shakes or any kind of protein powders. I just eat healthy plant-based food.

GMP: Any other advice for someone looking to get more fit on a vegan diet?

My advice for anyone looking to get more fit is to watch less t.v. And throw away all the fitness magazines. Don't buy anymore. If you really want to get in shape take actions. Talk less and do more. If you go to a gym do the basic exercises: bench press, military press, squats. If you are like me and prefer using mainly your bodyweight do: pull ups, chin ups, push ups, knee raises, lunges, push ups. For cardio running up a hill, or walking in nature everyday. Also climbing up and down the stairs.

GMP: Finally, do you follow any special diet? My friend that's a trainer, for example, only eats carbs before a certain time of the day. Can you tell us about your daily diet?

I don't really follow a diet I just eat healthy plant-based food. I don't follow a schedule but if anyone is interested in what kind if meals I eat I post them on my blog or on my instagram @ VeganLight.

Thanks so much for interviewing Noel and keep rockin' those abs!

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