10 Beautiful (And Healthy!) Plant-Based Holiday Platters

The holiday season has arrived, and so have the unhealthy treats!

If you're going to a holiday party and want a healthier, guilt-free alternative, try bringing along one of these fruit or veggie platters!


Strawberry and Banana candy canes!


You don't need snow to make this snowman! Craft an edible one out of watermelon and fill it with watermelon balls and blueberries! (Source)


O' broccoli tree, o' broccoli tree! How delicious and healthy are your branches? (Source)


This tree made out of strawberries, kiwis and cantaloupe almost looks too pretty to eat!


Make a smaller sized Frosty out of bananas and top him off with an apple and grape Santa hat! (Source)


Create a veggie wreath with broccoli, cherry tomatoes and bell peppers! Use the ranch dip from HHC (Source)


Rock around this platter of watermelon Christmas trees! (Source)


Make "grinch kabobs" with grapes, strawberries and bananas! Instead of a marshmallow as the furry ball, use a smaller sized chunk of banana!


Another fruity Christmas tree made out of oranges, raspberries and grapes.


An eggplant penguin makes for an egg-celent party tray! (Source)

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