Does Eating Smaller Portions “Shrink Your Stomach?"

Does eating smaller portion sizes “shrink your stomach?”

And does your stomach S-T-R-E-T-C-H if you stuff yourself?

In a word: no.

BUT !!

You CAN reset your "appetite thermostat"

Research shows that day-to-day, we eat the same amount of food.

That is, we want (and eat) the same size lunch that we had yesterday.

Not necessarily the same amount of calories, but the same amount of VOLUME.

This is why traditional “dieting” creates feelings of deprivation.

If your appestat is set to an extra large cheese pizza for dinner…

A little bowl of soup will surely send you looking for more!

This is one reason why we focus on CALORIC DENSITY with the meal plans.

More food, less calories.

It’s all about volume, volume, volume!

BIG portions so you feel SATISFIED and not deprived.

For example, what would leave you feeling more satisfied?

2 tablespoons of nuts or 2 CUPS of cantaloupe?

They’re both approximately 106 calories!!!

Filling your daily volume quota with bulky, low cal foods is the first step!

Satisfy the volume demands with lower calorie choices...

…then recalibrate your appetite thermometer.

Tired of the “bottomless pit” stomach?

The agonizing need to overeat and eat more?

Are you ready to SHRINK your appetite FOR GOOD?

Tomorrow you’ll find out EXACTLY what you need to do to recalibrate your appestat (your appetite thermometer).

How to get back in touch with your satiation signals so you can naturally moderate your appetite and consumption.

(Plus 6+ easy ways to suppress the insatiable hunger dragon.)

For now, I want you to download and bookmark this FREE caloric density chart.

Food | calories per 1 cup

spinach 7

lettuce 8

broccoli 31

carrots 45

strawberries 49

apple 57

pineapple 78

tofu 176

black beans 210

chicken 214

brown rice 218

lentils 226

beef 263

garbanzo beans 269

oats 310

raisins 434

flour 455

almonds 546

sugar 774

cashews 786

oil 1728

If you focus on selecting foods with a low caloric density, you can worry less about how much of them you’re eating AND you’ll lose weight without ever feeling hungry or deprived (even if you’re restricting your calories) because you’re getting VOLUME.

Intuitively, you know 100 calories of carrot cake isn’t going to fill you up the same as 100 calories of baby carrots.

Seeing all the foods compared by their density is hugely insightful.