The meal plans got a TOTAL MAKEOVER while you were out celebrating last weekend.

and the new features are EPIC.

I'm sooo excited I can barely talk...err... type.

Come see the new features + 1 minute video.

I promise the new shopping list will BLOW YOU AWAY.

annnnnd we're including more recipes each week so you have endless variety.

Here are JUST A FEW of the newest improvements:

A better shopping list: You’ll now see grains listed in dry amounts (uncooked) as well as the cooked equivalent for my batch cookers! AND ditto for beans: we have cooked beans AND the canned equivalent listed. The shopping list is also now grouped by store section, so you aren’t constantly backtracking between the aisles.

New calendar features: Increased flexibility to customize! Fill out the grid to plan your perfect menu (and stay accountable!) or use our meal-by-meal suggested weekly calendars for ease and zero waste!

More all-NEW recipes: We’ve nearly DOUBLED how many recipes you’re getting each week AND the majority of them are all-NEW!

Prepping Game Plans: A totally new step-by-step approach for prepping and cooking your meals ahead -- even the most novice can batch cook! And if you cook daily? Game time is streamlined! Cook FASTER. BE more efficient and less overwhelmed.

Come see the new features + 1 minute video.

I promise the new shopping list will BLOW YOU AWAY.

Isn't it worth 1 minute to see how much easier your life will be?

You're also cordially invited to a Free workshop tonight!

I'll be showing this week's meal plan page by page, going over all the bomb diggity new features and improvements, answering your questions, and dishing up my top 10 tips for planning ahead, staying on track, saving time in the kitchen... and making cooking, eating well, and all that jazz a REALITY.

I work 70-hrs a week so I GET IT. Oh, do I get it.

Click here to join the workshop LIVE at 4:30pm (pacific) 7:30pm (eastern)!

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