I love this little tool!

Have you heard about the potato pocket yet?

Best $4.98 I’ve ever spent.


Typically, I batch a 5-lb bag of potatoes in my pressure cooker once a week…

But when I travel (or I can’t wait for the PC to do its thing)...

I use my potato pocket.

I also LOVE how it keeps my potatoes warm FOR HOURS.

Great for long car rides, the airplane, taking taters to work… and beyond!

And because I’m a big spender ;-) I bought everyone at HQ their own.

Carly, who previously would only bake potatoes (she didn’t like them any other way), LOVES her pocket too! She even takes it when visiting her parents!!!

Buy yours right here.

P.S. Microwaving is not only safe, it’s sometimes the BEST cooking method (meaning it preserves the most nutrients). No need to fear ‘em. They’re wonderfully convenient!

P.P.S. I shared this infographic on Facebook this week… EAT MORE POTATOES!


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