Your Ultimate Travel Food Guide

Are you going on a road trip this summer?

Camping with your family?

Or maybe you travel a lot for work and have difficulty figuring out what to eat beyond a baked potato and salad?

With the help of the Meal Mentor member community, we’ve compiled a list of pre-packaged food items that will help you stay on track on your next vacation or work trip.

Click here to download Meal Mentor’s ULTIMATE Travel Food list.

Speaking of the MM community, there are dozens of threads dedicated to travel food and what to pack for your next camping trip in our private forums.

And don’t forget to follow Meal Mentor on Instagram! We’ll also be sharing tips and travel hacks throughout the summer!

And what about dining out? See my picks for the healthiest choices at fast food chains here.

P.S. If you’re a member, you also have our exclusive Travel Guide featuring tips for staying on track, what to order at restaurants, recipes, and more! (Download it from your dashboard when logged in.)

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