7 New Ways to Cook Potatoes – No Stove! No Oven!

Potatoes are a near perfect food for humans.

They’re also incredibly satiating and versatile.

I love making potato “hot dogs”, “pizza” potatoes and of course, POTATO NACHOS!


Potatoes also make great snacks on-the-go and you can serve any Meal Mentor meal over a potato instead of in a wrap or on a bun if you want more bulk for less calories (or you’re gluten-free, grain-free, etc).

Point is POTATOES ROCK!!!!

Buuut it’s TOO HOT to bake ‘em in the summer soo…

Here are 7 ways to cook potatoes without a stove or oven!

1. Potato Pocket The Potato Express I LOVE this thing.


It’ll also keep your potatoes warm FOR HOURS. Great for long car rides, the airplane...

You can also use this nifty tool for cooking corn on the cob + thawing bread

2. Microwave Pierce potatoes multiple times with a fork. Place them on a microwave-safe dish and microwave at full power for 5 minutes. Turn over and microwave for another 3-5 minutes. If the taters are still hard in the middle, microwave in 1 minute intervals until cooked through. (YES! Microwaves are totally safe and often the most nutritious way to cook – read more here.)

3. Slow Cooker Wrap each potato in foil and lay along the bottom of a dry slow cooker. LOW for 8-10 hours.

4. Pressure Cooker Add required water.


Isn’t this scene dreamy??

5. Campfire Place cubed potatoes with other vegetables and seasonings (such as herbs or soy sauce) in foil with an ice cube (unless you have watery veggies like onion or zucchini included). Wrap into a foil pack and place on the coals or over the campfire.

6. Grill Place slices on the grill and cook until tender, turning as needed. (You can precook the potatoes by boiling them or microwaving so they are faster on the grill or wrap the potato in foil and cook on the grill like you were baking a potato.)

7. Electric Steamer Electric steamers are great for cooking vegetables without a stove. I utilize mine all year when I’m batch cooking. It helps with multitasking because it’s out of your way, doing its job passively in the background while you work on other meals or components.



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