Plant-Based Diet Issues: Why does total cholesterol go UP on a plant-based diet?

The Co-Pilot podcast is temporarily back this week with a special episode!

Dr. Greger author of How Not to Die and founder of joined me to talk about some (hush-hush) plant-based diet issues.

For example, WHY total cholesterol might go UP on a plant-based diet?

Dr Greger

Or what should you do if your blood pressure is too low? Should you increase your salt? How low is too low for BP anyway?

Dr. Greger explains everything: why it happens + what you can do about!!

We also talk about depression, his latest "it" food, amenorrhea, decreased testosterone, and so much more! (Including our mutual love of strawberry frosted doughnuts--LOL) Seriously though, I learned a ton in this episode!

You can listen on iTunes or Simplecast (app-free).

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