Dijon mustard substitute

In yesterday's post I shared with you ALL my knowledge about Dijon mustard and which brand you should be using (you might have been surprised!)

I also said I was an expert connoisseur of Dijon mustard, and here’s the proof:

Not only have I tasted EVERY Dijon mustard available in the U.S. (and France), for one of my birthdays, I had a Dijon tasting party with baguettes. 13 different Dijon’s were present.

When I say I’m a Dijon enthusiast and expert, I really mean it!

Can you substitute other mustard for Dijon?


Yellow mustard, spicy brown mustard and stone-ground mustard all have totally different flavor profiles that can wreck the dish.

An extremely mellow stone-ground mustard that’s smooth and creamy and made with beer (this is a common retail item at breweries) *might* work.

What if I don’t like Dijon mustard?

You could try leaving it out, or using less. What I can say is with most of my recipes, you don’t taste the Dijon mustard at all. It melds into the symphony of flavors in the dish.

I also encourage you to try the generic brands I recommended yesterday before writing it off completely. Even if you hate it by itself, you might not mind it in, say, Tofu Scramble.

  1. 1 Homemade Dijon Mustard Substitute

1 tbsp dry mustard powder
1 ½ tbsp vegan mayo, silken tofu, or vegan yogurt (see note)
½ to ¾ tsp white wine vinegar

Whisk together. Add more vinegar, if desired. You can also add a tiny but of salt, if desired.

If you want to use vegan yogurt, choose one of the thick, unsweetened yogurt such as a Culina (coconut-based yogurt) or Kite Hill’s greek-style yogurt.

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Total number of Meal Mentor recipes using Dijon mustard: 101.

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