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(F) indicates a family recipe (serves 4)
(both) indicates there is an individual and family recipe option
** indicates it’s not a “meal” but a sauce or other component
No indicator on the end means it is an individual recipe (serves 1 or 2)


1-minute french toast
3-bean stew (F)
5-spice bowl
Acorn squash tacos (F)
Adobo burrito bowl (F)
Adobo chickpea Tortas
Adobo tostadas (F)
Afgan pilaf (Kabuli Pilaf) (F)
Alfredo pizzas (F)
Almond butter noodles
Any vegetable gumbo
APB smoothie
Apple Biscuits (F)
Apple Mug Cake
Apple Pie Bars (9/15/22)
Apple pie breakfast tostada
Apple pie oatmeal
Apple pie polenta
Argentina bowl
Arroz Amarillo (yellow rice)
Artichoke dip calzones (F)
Asian butternut bisque
Asian cobb salad
Asian crunch wraps (F)
Asian tahini sauce ** (both)
Asian-style hummus wrap (both)
Asparagus hummus
Autumn flatbreads (F) with maple vinaigrette
Avocado club
Bacon and egg scramble
Bacon cheeseburger pasta
Bagel & cashew cream cheese
Bahn mi hummus wrap
Banana bread granola (F) (9/16/22)
Banana split parfait (9/16/22)
Banana split blondie (9/16/22)
baja burritos
Baked blueberry banana oatmeal
Baked chocolate chip cookie oatmeal
Baked falafels + tahini falafel dressing (F)
Baked pumpkin oatmeal
Baked Red velvet oatmeal
balsamic broccoli wraps (F)
Balsamic mango salsa (F)
Banana bread oatmeal
Banana bread ONO
Banana bread quinoa
banana bread smoothie
Banana cream oatmeal
Banana crostini
Banana heaven
Banana ice cream
Banana split ono
Banan Split Pizza (9/15/22)
banana split smoothie
Basic cashew cheese (F) **
Basic minestrone soup (F)
Basic oatmeal (microwave) 90seconds
Basic potato soup
Basic tofu scramble (doubled) (F)
Basil hummus (pesto hummus)
Basil lover’s pasta salad (F)
Basil vinaigrette **
Basil white bean hummus
BBQ Cauliflower (or jackfruit) sliders
BBQ lentil smash
BBQ Tostadas (F)
Bean Ball “meatball” subs (both)
Bean Ball Subs 2 (F)
Beanie weenies
Beef and broccoli (F)
Beef and peppers
Beet potato salad (F)
Bella big mac
Berry Berry quinoa (F)
Big mac pizza (F)
Black bean & mango wrap (both) + mango salsa
Black bean hummus
Black bean soup (both)
Black bean tostada + lime creme
Black bean wraps (both)
Blazing potatoes
Blender black bean soup (both)
Blender chilled carrot soup (both)
Blender curried carrot soup
Blueberry cobbler oatmeal
Blueberry cobbler ono
Blueberry corn cakes
Blueberry muffin oatmeal (F)
Blueberry oatmeal
Blueberry parfait
Blueberry-orange oatmeal
Bollywood sweet potato (F)
Bombay bowl (F) + curry yogurt dressing
Breakfast banana split (9/16/22)
Breakfast bruschetta - fruity
Breakfast bruschetta - savory
Breakfast roll-up
Broccoli Fritters
Broccoli Hummus
Broccoli Mac (both)
Broccoli soup (both)
Broccoli spinach soup
Brown gravy
Bruschetta pasta salad (F)
Brussel sprout bisque
Buffalo chickpea chowder (both)
Buffalo chickpea quesadilla (F)
Buffalo chickpea salad (both)
Buffalo chili (F)
Buffalo chowder
Buffalo ranch burgers (F)
Buffalo ranch chickpea salad
Buffaloaded potatoes (F)
Buffalodilla (F)
Butternut & black bean skillet
Butternut chowder
Butternut flatbreads
Butternut home fries
Butternut lasagna rolls
Butternut penne sauce (F)
Butternut sauce penne (both)
Cabbage roll soup
Caesar BLT pizza (both)
Cajun breakfast tacos
Cajun chili (F)
Cajun chili fries
Calypso sandwich
Caprese spaghetti (F)
Caprese wraps (F)
Caramcel Sauce
caramel cream smoothie
Caribbean black bean wrap
Caribbean bowl (F)
Caribbean curry (F)
Caribbean sloppy joes (both)
Caribbean tacos (both) – great cheater options
Caribbeano bowl (F)
Caribbeano chili (both)
Carrot cake bites (F) (9/16/22)
Carrot cake salad
Carrot falafels (F)
Carrot weenies **
Cauli-lentil tacos (F)
Cauliflower BBQ (both)
Cauliflower peanut lettuce wraps (both)
Cauliflower ranchero tostadas (both)
Ceviche-style tacos
Chalupas supreme (F)
Cheesy BBQ grits (both)
Cheesy cauliflower & potato soup
Cheesy cauliflower hash
Cheesy tomato sandwich
Cherry almond baked oatmeal
cherry blueberry smoothie
Cherry chocolate oatmeal
cherry cobbler smoothie
Chickpea & cabbage soup (F)
Chickpea a la king (both)
Chickpea buffalo wing tacos
Chickpea caesar salad (F)
Chickpea cakes piccata (F)
Chickpea cheese spread (F)
Chickpea florentine
Chickpea love wraps (F)
Chickpea omelet (besan chilla)
Chickpea salad wraps
Chickpeas & rice soup (F)
Chili cheese dogs (F)
Chili queso dogs (F)
Chili soy sauce **
Chili-lime vinaigrette
Chili’d potato
Chilled lentil salad (F)
Chimichurri sauce (F) **
Chimichurri steak tacos (F)
Chimichurri wraps
Chipotle batata wraps (F)
Chipotle corn soup (both)
Chipotle creme (F) **
Chipotle Lime sauce (F)
Chipotle mayo **
Chipotle portobello tortas (F)
Chipotle white bean dip (F)
chocolate cherry smoothie
Chocolate chili (both)
Chocolate chip ono
Chocolate granola (F) (9/16/22)
chocolate green smoothie
Chocolate ice cream
Chocolate Pudding
Chocolate swirl ono
Chocolate-espresso pudding
Chorizo enchiladas verdes (F)
Churro mug cake (9/16/22)
Cilantro chutney **
cinnamon bun smoothie
Cinnamon roll oatmeal
Cinnamon sugar chips (F) **
Citrus fajita bowl
Clam chowder (both)
Classic burrito bowl (both)
Classic veggie wraps (both)
Coconut cream pie ono
Cold asian noodle salad (F)
Cookie dough balls (F)
Cool ranch BBQ sandwiches (both)
Cool ranch slaw
Corn bisque
Cowboy caviar (F)
Cranberry apple oatmeal
Cranberry muffins (F)
Cream of asparagus soup (both)
Creamed spinach risotto (both)
Creamsicle ono
creamsicle smoothie
Creamy cool noodle salad
Creamy couscous salad (F)
Creamy curry salad (F)
Creamy dijon pasta (F)
Creamy garlic pasta (both)
Creamy mushroom pasta (F)
Creamy pea soup (F)
Creamy pesto pasta (F) with white bean pesto (F)
Creamy sweet potato salad (F)
Creamy tofu pasta (F) with creamy tofu sauce (F)
Creamy tofu sauce (F)
Crispy fish tacos (F)
Crispy orange cauliflower (F)
Cuban black beans & rice (both)
Cuban bowl (both)
Cucumber-dill hummus (F)
Curried chickpea salad (both)
Curried chickpea wraps (both) + peach chutney
Curried quinoa (both)
Curried red lentil soup
Curried rice (both)
Curried roasted vegetables & polenta (both)
Curried tofu scramble
Curry hummus (F)
Curry yogurt dressing ** (F)
Dark chocolate oatmeal
Deli wrap
Detox bowls (F)
Deviled hummus wrap
Deviled pasta (F)
Dill yogurt sauce (F) **
Double chocolate muffins (F)
Dragon teriyaki bowl
Easy italiano bowl (both)
Easy peasy pesto pasta (both)
Edamole (low-fat guacamole) (F)
Edamole burritos (both)
Egg fried rice
Eggplant falafel (both)
Enchilada bites
Enchilada bowl
Enchilada stew (F)
Enchilada’s potatoes (both)
Enfrijoladas (Enchiladas Negras)
Ethiopian lentil stew
Fajita pizzas (F)
Fajita salad (F)
Fajita-stuffed spaghetti squash (F)
Falafel burger (F) + dill yogurt dressing (F)
Falafel’d Hummus
Fall quinoa bake (both) + fall tahini dressing
Fall tahini dressing
Farm-style pasta (F)
Flatbread fajitas
Fish" taco bowl
Fresh corn & quinoa salad (both)
Fresh nori rolls (both)
Fruit crisp (single serving)
Fruit Nachos (with 2 variations: French Toast, Apple Pie)
Fruit Nachos 2 (9/15/22)
Fruit salad (9/16/22)
Fruit-Stuffed toast (9/16/22)
Fruity breakfast pizza
Garden chowder (both)
Garlic lover’s pasta
Garlic-tahini dressing **
German chocolate oatmeal
German potato soup (F)
Ginger beef & broccoli
Ginger noodles (both)
Gingerbread oatmeal
Gingerbread ono
Golden coconut cauliflower soup
Golden milk latte
Gourd-geous pudding (F)
Greek eggplant dip
Greek gyros
Greek nachos (F)
Greek PB&J
Greek pockets
Greek quinoa bowl (F)
Greek rice salad
Greek’d potatoes (both)
Green coconut sauce (F) **
Green goblin muffins (F)
Green minestrone
Grilled PB & Banana
Grilled vegetable salad
Grilled vegetables noodles (F)
Harvest stew
Harvest wraps (both)
Hawaiian bbq quesadillas (both)
Hawaiian chili (both)
Hawaiian oatmeal
Hawaiian quinoa bowl (F)
Hawaiian tacos
Hearty tomato soup (F)
Hoisin Bowl
Hoisin Broccoli noodles
Hoisin peanut sauce ** (F)
Honey mustard chickpeas
Hummus club
Hummus panini (both)
Hummus veggie wraps (F)
Hummus vodka sauce (F) **
Hungarian Red Bean stew
Indian red lentil soup (F)
Indonesian fried rice (F)
Instant creamy gazpacho
Instant sweet & sour sauce (F) **
Island pineapple salsa
Israeli salad (both)
Italian bean salad
Italian burgers (F)
Italian eggplant casserole
Italian noodle soup (both)
Italian pita pockets (F)
Italian-style spaghetti squash (F)
Italiano pasta salad
Italiano quesadillas (F)
Jalapeno sauce (both) **
Jamaican beans & rice (both)
Jamaican curry
Jamaican jerk lentils (both)
Japanese noodle salad (F is new) (both)
Jerk chickpeas (both)
Jerk’d hummus
Jungle curry
Kabocha or butternut red curry (F)
Kale & potato chowder (F)
Kale & sweet potato frittata
Kale Salad (both)
Kale-powered pasta
Kenyan-style kale
Kidney bean curry (F)
Kind of a big dill wraps (F)
kung pao lettuce cups (F) kung pao sauce 2
Kung pao sauce 2 (F) **
Layered vegetable enchiladas (both)
Lebanese bean stew
Lemon asparagus pasta (F)
Lemon blueberry oatmeal
Lemon Meringue Pie smoothie
Lemon pie ono
Lemon tahini quinoa salad + garlic-tahini dressing
Lemon-herb rice salad (both)
Lemon mug cake (9/16/22)
Lemony zoodles
Lentil & pear salad (F)
Lentil chili (F)
Lentil penne bolognese (F)
Lentil rice loaf (F)
Lime creme (both)
Loaded mexican potatoes (both)
Loaded queso-dilla (F)
Lobster nachos
Lobster rolls
Low sugar PB&J
Maghmour (Lebanese Moussaka) (F)
Manchurian Balls (9/15/22)
Manchurian Sauce ** (9/15/22)
mango mint smoothie
mango peach smoothie
Mango salsa **
Maple cinnamon butternut bowl (both)
Maple citrus quinoa (F)
maple smash (9/16/22)
maple smash 2 (9/16/22)
Maple vinaigrette (F) **
Margarita farro salad (F)
Maryland homefries
Meatloaf’d potatoes
Mediterranean cakes (F)
Mediterranean chickpea stew
Mediterranean pizza
Mediterranean quesadillas (both)
Mediterranean quinoa salad
Mediterranean soup
Mediterranean zoodles
Mexican chocolate smoothie
Mexican corn chowder (F)
Mexican lasagna (F)
Mexican pasta salad (both)
Mexican pizza (both)
Mexican polenta bites (F)
Mexican polenta bowl (F)
Mexican rice (both)
Mexican vegetable tortas (F)
Microwave enchiladas (both)
Microwave peach crisp
mint chocolate chip smoothie
Mint chocolate ono
mocha smoothie
Moroccan apricot tagine (F)
Moroccan Eggplant Dip (Zaalouk)
Moroccan red lentil soup
Moroccan salad
Moroccan shepherd’s pie (F)
Moroccan stew (both)
Moroccan stuffed peppers (F)
Moussaka (greek eggplant lasagna)
Mushroom gravy (F)
Mushroom quesadillas
Nicoise dressing **
Nicoise Salad
Nutty sweet potato soup (F)
Olive & Lemon Pasta (F)
Orange beef & broccoli noodles (both)
Orange broccoli noodles (F)
Orange cauliflower rice
Orange couscous salad
Orange oatmeal
Orange spring roll salad
Pad thai soup
Panzarotti (Italian turnovers) (F)
Party pinwheels 1 (F)
Party pinwheels 2 (F)
Party pinwheels 3 (F)
Pasta alla puttanesca
Pasta e fagioli soup
patriotic smoothie
PB & Apple Toast
PB & J parfait (9/16/22)
PB & J pizzette
PB & J quesadilla
PB & Pumpkin roll-up
PB & S
Pea hummus
Peach bruschetta
Peach chutney **
Peach cobbler ono
peach parfait (9/16/22)
peach pie smoothie
Peach quinoa salad
Peach salsa bowl
Peach, basil, & avocado wraps (both)
peachy polenta (F) (9/16/22)
Peachy spring rolls (both)
Peanut butter cup quinoa
Peanut butter ono
Pear & beet salad
pear ginger green smoothie
Peasy pesto (both)
peanut butter parfait (9/16/22)
Pecan pie oatmeal
Penne alla vodka + hummus vodka sauce, sun-dried tomato hummus
Pesto potato salad
Pickled red onions **
Pickled red onions 2 **
Pina colada smoothie
pineapple "Dole whip" (9/16/22)
Pineapple kiwi salsa
Pineapple slaw (F)
pineapple smoothie
pineapple upside down smoothie
Pink lemonade ono
Pinto & kale tostastas + roasted red pepper salsa (both)
Pizza bagel bites (F)
Pizza burrito (F)
Pizza dough (F)
Pizza dough (grill) (F)
Pizza hummus (F)
Pizza polenta bites (F)
Poke noodle bowl (F)
Portobello sandwiches
Potato & bean burritos (F)
Potato salad
Potato tostadas (F)
Pumpkin doughnut holes (F)
Pumpkin enchilada sauce ** (F)
Pumpkin enchiladas (F)
Pumpkin hummus
Pumpkin Loaf (F)
Pumpkin pie oatmeal (sweet potato variation)
Pumpkin pie quinoa (F)
purple power
Queso’d Cauliflower Tacos (both)
Quick black beans & rice (F)
Quick channa curry (both)
Quick chickpea curry
Quick chili wraps (F)
Quick minestrone soup (F)
Quick onion dip (F)
Quick refried bean soup
Quick stir-fry (both)
Quick vegetable soup (both)
Quinoa chorizo (both)
Quinoa corn chowder (F)
Quinoa minestrone soup (F)
Quinoa Tacos (F)
Ragin’ cajun grits (both)
Rainbow salad
Raisin peanut ono
Ranch chickpea taco salad
Ranch chickpea tacos (F)
Raspberry blast
raspberry bliss smoothie
Raspberry cream oatmeal
raspberry parfait (9/16/22)
Raspberry peach ono
Ratatouille pizzas (F)
Ratatouille sandwiches (F)
Red Curry Soup (F)
Red Curry soup (F)
Red pepper Salsa **
Red pesto pasta (both)
red velvet smoothie
Refreshing couscous salad
Refried bean burritos (F)
Refried bean tacos (F)
Roasted cauliflower soup
Roasted corn salad (both)
Roasted garlic soup
Roasted Veg & White Bean Sandwich (new)
Salad Roll Flatbreads (F)
Salsa chickpea lettuce wraps
Samoa cookie ono
Samosa lettuce cups + cilantro chutney
Samosa stuffed peppers (both)
Savory butternut hummus
Savory butternut pie (both)
Savory sundae (travel meal)
Simple baked beans (both)
Simple greens bowl
Simple peanut noodles
Simple peanut sauce **
Simple peanut veggie noodles
Simple potato soup
Simple reset bowls (both)
Simple teriyaki noodles
Single McMuffin
Single-serving blueberry muffin
Skillet fajitas (F)
Skillet green bean casserole
Skillet ratatouille (both)
Skinny broccoli soup
Skinny PB&J
Slow cooker apple quinoa (F)
Slow cooker artichoke soup
Slow cooker carrot cake oatmeal (F)
Slow cooker lentil soup (F)
Slow cooker peach & blueberry oatmeal (F)
Slow cooker red bean curry (F)
Slow cooker vegetable stew (F)
Smoky black bean wrap + chipotle mayo
Smoky corn chowder
Smoky lentil soup
Smoky lentil tacos (F)
Smoky split pea soup (F)
SoCal Breakfast (both)
SoCal Potatoes
Sofrita Wrap (F)
Solyanka Soup
Sonoma Sandwiches (F)
Southwest black bean wraps (F)
southwest breakfast tacos (9/16/22)
Southwest chop salad (F)
Southwest quinoa salad
Southwest stew
Southwestern tabbouleh (F)
Southwestern tacos (both)
Spaghetti salad
Spaghetti squash lasagna (both)
Spaghetti squash ramen
Spaghetti squash stir-fry
Spanish chickpea stew (both)
Spicy kale scramble
spicy mango
Spicy orange spaghetti (F)
Spinach artichoke soup (F)
Spinach coconut curry (both)
Spinach hummus panini (both)
Spring “steaks” (both)
Spring corn chowder
Spring curry noodles (both)
Spring mini pizzas
Spring pea soup
Spring quesadillas (F)
Spring quinoa risotto (both)
Sriracha hummus
Sriracha mayo
spring teriyaki noodles (9/16/22)
Sriracha Thai peanut sauce
Steak & cheese baked potatoes (both)
Steak banh mi (both)
Sticky orange sauce **
Stouffer’s-style pizza
strawberry cream ONO (9/16/22)
strawberry cream polenta (9/16/22)
Strawberry cream smoothie
Strawberry dream taquitos (F)
Strawberry lemonade oatmeal
strawberry mango smoothie
Strawberry Piña Colada
strawberry pineapple smoothie
Strawberry salad
Strawberry shortcake oatmeal
strawberry smoothie
strawberry watermelon smoothie
Strawberry-banana breakfast bars (F)
Summer bruschetta (both)
Summer pasta salad (both)
Summer quinoa salad
Summer rolls (both)
Summer soba salad (F)
Sun-dried tomato hummus (F)
Sun-dried tomato white bean dip (F)
Sunshine salad
Sushi bowl
sweet home fries (9/16/22)
Sweet & sour cauliflower (F)
Sweet & sour sauce (both) **
Sweet & sour spaghetti squash (both)
Sweet & sour stuffed bell peppers (both)
Sweet & spicy mango wraps (both)
Sweet pea risotto
Sweet potato & black bean enchiladas (F)
Sweet potato & cauliflower curry (both)
Sweet potato & pea curry (both)
Sweet potato biscuits (F)
Sweet potato dal
Sweet potato gumbo (both)
Sweet potato pie dip + cinnamon sugar chips (F)
Sweet potato salad (both) - 2 variations
Sweet potato sundaes (F)
Sweet potato tacos + green coconut sauce (F)
Szechuan soba salad (both)
Szechuan Stir-Fry (both) + Szechuan sauce
Tahini dipping sauce
Tahini falafel dressing (F) **
Tahini-dipped nori rolls + asian tahini sauce (both)
Teriyaki chickpea burritos + pineapple slaw (both)
Teriyaki noodles (F)
Tex-mex spaghetti squash + quinoa chorizo (both)
Tex-Mex Stuffed bell peppers (both)
Texas white chili (F)
Thai beef wraps (F)
Thai broccoli soup
Thai cauliflower soup (F)
Thai coconut cauliflower soup (F)
Thai coconut peanut sauce (both) **
Thai peanut sweet potatoes (F) + coconut peanut sauce (F)
Thai pineapple fried rice (both)
Thai red lentil cakes (F)
Thai sweet potato fries (F)
Thai’d Up Pizzas (both) + coconut peanut sauce (F)
Thin mint mug cake (9/16/22)
Tikka masala nachos (both)
Tiramisu ono
TJ’s red lentil wraps (F)
Toasted oatmeal
Toasted oatmeal
Tofu (or cauliflower) banh mi (both)
Tofu chili (both)
Tofu ricotta (half batch) (I)
Tofu scramble tacos (F)
Tofu spring rolls (F) + Vietnamese peanut sauce (F)
Tomato bisque
Tomato soup (F)
Trail mix oatmeal
Triple green sweet potatoes
Tropical BBQ sliders (both)
Tropical breakfast burrito
Tropical salsa stuffed sweet potato (both)
Tropical teriyaki noodles (F)
Tropikale BBQ
Tuna nachos (F)
Tuna salad
Turmeric rice (both)
Tuscan bean soup (F)
Tuscany pasta salad (both)
vanilla cupcake smoothie
vanilla smoothie
Vegetable rice casserole
Vegetable spring rolls (F)
Vegetarian gumbo (F)
Veggie bagel sandwich
Veggie crunch flatbreads
Velvety chipotle soup (both)
Very verde enchiladas + jalapeno sauce (both)
Very verde tacos (both)
Very versatile chili (F)
Vietnamese Fries + Vietnamese Peanut Sauce
Vietnamese Peanut sauce (both)
Warm carrot salad (F)
We will brocc-Q (F)
White bean & potato soup (F)
White bean Dumpling soup (F)
White bean pesto **
Wild Mushroom & Kale Polenta (F)
Wild Rice salad (F)
Winter ratatouille pasta
Winter skillet lasagna (both)
Yellow Dal
Yellow split pea soup (F)
Zucchini & white bean pasta (F)
Zucchini burgers
Zucchini risotto

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