29 Must-Try Vegan Chili Recipes (Chili Challenge)

It's time to get COZY!

There are 29 (29!) different chili recipes in the Meal Mentor app (or web planner).

They all serve 2 or 4, search "chili" to find them all.

I also want to invite you on my annual personal chili challenge!

Try a different chili each week so you can taste most of them before it's hot again.

Here's the full list of Meal Mentor chili recipes:

Pumpkin Chili
3-Chili Chili
Beauty & Beet Chili
Black Bean & Butternut Chili
Black Bean & Roasted Corn Chili
Buffalo Chili
Cajun Chili
Caribbeano Chili
Chocolate Chili
Chunky Adobo Chili
Enchilada Chili
Greek Chili
Hawaiian Chili
Lentil Chili
Maui Teriyaki Chili
Meaty Adobo Chili
Moroccan Chili
Orzo Chili
Pizza Chili
Simple Lentil Chili
Skyline Chili
Sweet Potato Chili
Tailgate Chili
Texas White Chili
Tofu Chili
Very Verde Chili
Very Versatile Chili (uses whatever you have around)
White Christmas Chili
Yule Thai’d Chili


For the kid at heart (or for the kids): Pumpkin Chili (serve it in a pumpkin), Pizza Chili

For a "meaty" chili: Tofu Chili, Orzo Chili, Meaty Adobo Chili.

For the culinary adventurer: Chocolate Chili, Greek Chili, Moroccan Chili, Very Verde Chili.

For a showstopper: Enchilada Chili, Maui Teriyaki Chili, Yule Thai'd Chili, Caribbeano Chili.

For serving skeptical omnivore relatives and friends: Black Bean & Roasted Corn Chili, Sweet Potato Chili, Simple Lentil Chili, White Texas Chili, BBQ Bean Stew.

For a party (e.g. super bowl): Buffalo Chili, Lentil Chili, Chunky Adobo Chili, Tailgate Chili, 3-Chili Chili, BBQ Bean Stew.

For the hippie yoga vegan: Beauty & Beet Chili, Black Bean & Butternut Chili, Pumpkin Chili.

For the snowstorm: Very Versatile Chili

For the lover of "Classic" Chilis: Texas White Chili, Skyline Chili, Tofu Chili, Orzo Chili.

For the unsure: Cajun Chili, Hawaiian Chili, White Christmas Chili, Pumpkin Chili.


Top 8 Best Vegan (Plant-Based) Substitutes for Beans in Chili

1. Grains (e.g. bulgar wheat, quinoa, rice)
2. Tofu
3. TVP
4. Nuts
5. Mushrooms
6. Lentils (or split peas)
7. Tempeh
8. Cauliflower Florets


Here are 6 easy and delicious Meal Mentor recipes that'll happily use up your leftover chili.

Chili Bowls
Chili Cheese Dogs
Chili Cheese Fries
Chili Queso Dogs
Chili'd Potato
Quick Chili Wraps

These recipes are also in the Meal Mentor app and Web Planner.

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"I've been a long time vegan but boy am I appreciating these meal plans. It is streamlining everything for me. For lunch I put the pumpkin chili on top of kale. It was fantastic. Thanks for doing this. It is really helping me get out of my food rut!!!" -- Neale G.

"I just love the meals! Made the buffalo chili and it was incredible. Everything is easy to cook and easy to eat and I'm not hungry! Ever! So far...so good! I love the gluten free options and no soy! Finally a plan with no tofu all the time! And I love how easy it is to shop for simple ingredients!" -- Jackie P.