Late Night Snacking (How to Curb it and What to Eat if you Must Snack)

One of our meal plan users sent in the following question:

"Can you recommend something that I can eat more of at night — without putting on more weight?"

The problem with "late night eating" usually isn't the time you're eating but what. When most people eat late at night they're eating cookies or ice cream — not asparagus ;)

The best thing you can do is break the habit of late night snacking altogether. My 3-Day Reboot has a great Habits Boot Camp that can really help you understand your habits and change them — including late night snacking.

Other things you can do include having a large meal that is low in calories but exceptionally filling (like the meals on the Reboot or in our meal plans).

If you eat a big salad and fill up on grains, potatoes, beans, and vegetables — you'll be too full to snack. It'll carry you until bed time. Drinking water or tea until bed may also help.

I had a client that drank diet root beer while she watched TV. It was the only way she could avoid snacking. I don't recommend diet sodas, but Zevia is a zero-calorie beverage option that's not made with artificial sweeteners (and they have lots of cool flavors!).

Also, don't keep junk in the house.

If you have to put clothes on and drive to the store at 10:00 p.m. to get cake and cookies, you won't go. If it's in the kitchen, it'll call you.

Lastly if you absolutely must snack, pick some low calorie options like air-popped popcorn, puffed rice, cucumbers, celery, etc. If you're pushing past the celery, you're not really hungry :)

If you're desperate for sweets, slowly nibble on pieces of frozen fruit particularly frozen peach slices or strawberries. Only grab one frozen fruit at a time. Make yourself get up and go to the freezer for a refill.

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