The Meal Plans Got an UPGRADE

Earlier this week we released our new (and improved!) meal plans!

Not only have we streamlined the meal plans (creating shorter shopping lists) we have an awesome new (much requested!) feature!


This guide will show you how to prep all your meals for the week in a few hours. Cooking and eating healthy has never been so easy!

Cooking and eating healthy has never been so easy!

Get the new & improved meal plans

Our users are LOVING the new style so far! We're getting a lot of positive feedback (woot!)

I love the meal plans and I got the new one today. The step-by-step make ahead cheat sheet is wonderful!! After looking over the recipes for next week I want to start NOW!! Thank you Lindsay! - Colleen

LOVE LOVE LOVE the prep sheet!!!!! - Susan E.

The cheat sheet is WONDERFUL! Thank you so much, love your meal plans!!!!- Kelly K.

I LOVE the changes! Now that I am back in college full-time (after 23 years!!), I need all the help I can get with prepping ahead and streamlining everything else in my life. Maybe you could help me come up with a housecleaning plan, too?? :-) - Kelle W.

I loooove the new Sunday Prep Sheet on the weekly meal plan. Thank you so much! I hope to see you continue this!!!! - JessicaTIU ‏@Stellar424

Thank you so much for adding the step-by-step preparation order last week; that was very helpful! - Pamela N.

This is a FABULOUS FABULOUS FABULOUS idea....thank you -Suzanne I.

and if you haven't seen our meal plans in a while, we also had a major overhaul and update back in June.

Get the meal plan. See the upgrades for yourself.