Explaining a Lifestyle Change to Loved Ones Podcast (+ More Traveling Tips!)

A new Meal Mentor podcast is ready for you!

In this episode, Katie (my copilot) returns to talk about vacationing on a whole foods plant-based diet, explaining a lifestyle change to loved ones, and shopping for new clothes during weight loss!


Katie also shares her tips for eating healthy while traveling, why she didn't realize how unhealthy she used to be, plus much more about making the plant-based lifestyle more doable!

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Are you FED UP with other people commenting on your diet?

I bet these sound familiar:

Plants feel pain too, ya know…

Oh, I could NEVER stop eating meat [cheese, eggs, oil, etc]!

You’re not fun to hang out with anymore since you stopped eating [insert non-plant based food].

Why aren’t you sharing this queso appetizer with us? C’mon just a bite won’t hurt you!

or, everyone’s “favorite”:

How do you know you’re getting enough PROTEIN?


Whether the person asking is genuinely curious or they are purposely trying to ruffle your feathers, it can get old… REALLY fast.

Sometimes you just want to eat your Asian Tofu Salad Sandwich in peace, right?!

Whether it’s a friend, co-worker, or some random people you’ve encountered, it’s important to remember:

Negative comments are often a reflection of THEIR insecurities.

Your choices act as a mirror, and they didn’t like what they see…

So they tear down and attack your choices to feel better about their own.

If someone is COMPLETELY satisfied and secure with their choices and lifestyle…

...they wouldn’t need to attack you or criticize.

After all, you’re not asking them to explain or defend what they are eating!

There’s also a comfort in conformity… and you’ve rocked the boat!

They feel the need to pressure you to sit back down and conform.

Don’t give in, but don’t argue your lifestyle, either.

A great neutralizer is, “I’m experimenting right now.” Or “This seems to be working for me, so I’m going to keep with it for now.”

REASSURE an unsupportive friend that you are NOT trying to change them.

Reassure them that you are NOT going to force your choice on them either.

Your change is unsettling for them. They feel defensive… They feel judged...

They think you’re trying to take their favorite steakhouse from them!


Don’t engage—you’re not going to change their mind right then so why waste the energy?

LIVE and LOVE your lifestyle! Don’t argue your lifestyle!

If you’re happy, loving what you’re eating and THRIVING, you won’t even have to open your mouth!

The changes in you will speak for themselves!

You know that what you are doing is right—and that’s all that matters!

Keep rocking!

P.S. This newsletter was born out of a terrific thread in the member forums. I love having that community of people who get me, get you, and truly understand what it’s like to live in a world with a totally different agenda.

In that spirit, if you have tips or advice for dealing with unsupportive family and friends

Please leave it in the comments below.

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Plant-Based Travel & Vacation Hacks Podcast

A new Meal Mentor podcast is ready for you!

Feel like you're "Missing Out" on fun times because of your diet? Don't miss this podcast! Alicia (my copilot!) shares her tips for eating healthy in hotel rooms, how she lost 2-pounds on vacation, and the lifestyle differences coast-to-coast.


This former Herbie of the Week (you can read her story here) also has brilliant advice to save the $30 you would have on a dinner doing a fun activity on your trip instead!

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Is perfection getting in the way?

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…

But damn if that first step isn’t the hardest to take!


Being new at anything is uncomfortable.

When I first went plant-based, I felt like there were 10,000 things I needed to remember…

...and every time I turned around, there was SOMETHING ELSE to learn.

I felt like throwing in the towel—"It’s just too much. I give up!"

Or more recently when I was moving…

I put off packing ANYTHING for days because I didn’t know where to start…

I loaded myself up with excuses too, like… “tomorrow I’ll have more energy…”

OR… “maybe I should get all the boxes and tape and stuff I need first.”

But really I just needed to pick up ONE item, stick it in a box, and get the ball rolling.


Which builds momentum to help make the next steps easier.

If you can’t get all the items on the list… If you can’t batch cook before the next plan is out… If work and life are 80-hour crazy…

That’s OKAY.

Start with ONE meal.

Or even just a bag of rice.

Buy the ingredients for that meal (or buy the rice).

And then make it. (It doesn’t even have to be the same day.)

You just need to start. START building momentum, making unfamiliar FAMILIAR.

There is never a “good” time to make a change.

The best time to start is always right now.

If you wait for all the stars to align, it’ll never happen…

And when it rains, it pours…

So practice bailing out water now…

When it’s sunny (or kinda sunny) so you’re more prepared for the storm.

In other words, start developing good habits and routines NOW so when the shiitakes really hit the fan, you’re equipped to handle that situation better and you don’t slide down so hard.

Remember: Progress NOT Perfection is our motto.

So what the hello kitty are you waiting for?

Get started RIGHT NOW.


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Ask Lindsay Anything Podcast

A new Meal Mentor Podcast is ready for you!

In this very special birthday episode, I sit down with Scott to answer your questions on topics ranging from pet peeves to pet names. I also share my secrets about recipes I dislike, how to stay positive, and how I plan to celebrate my special day.


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It's my birthday and...

I'll have cake if I want to!

Actually, I never liked birthday cake... but brownies...OMG.

Birthdays are such an odd human experience, right?

When you're a kid, you're excited to have all your friends come over to play and get presents...


And then you really put "party" into 'birthday party' by going out drinking (at least that was my experience in my 20s!) until your liver gives out and you drink less and dinner more...

Am I right?? ;)

But then somewhere along the way, birthdays become dreaded.

There are so many jokes on TV about this – turning 27 for the 7th time!!

Age is just a number... isn't it about how you FEEL???

One thing my parents often say to me, is that they don't feel their age. That at almost 70, they feel better than they did in their 40s... that going plant-based made them feel younger. More virile, more healthy.

I'm about a million times more active now in my 30s than I was in my 20s.

I got healthier as I got older, and I think that's true for a lot of us.


Maybe we finally realized we aren't invincible, or maybe poor choices in our youth start catching up... or maybe we see pictures of ourselves from the past and think "oh dear God I have to do something."

But whatever that is, your glory days are NOT behind you

IF you make the right choices now... fostering life inside you.

Older and wiser, and all that!

When people tell me I don't look my age, I know they mean that as a compliment...

but the reality is, I don't want to be 16 or 26 again. I was not healthy. I didn't feel well.

I had all kinds of stomach pains and migraines, acne and other bodily things that were so embarrassing I almost didn't want to leave home.

That was no way to live.

I was also around some of teenagers and college kids recently, and most of them were winded and out-of-breath on the hike.

A few were even complaining about how lousy they felt.

I'm glad I've stopped treating my body like a garbage disposal and graveyard.

Another year... another year to improve.

I want to live to be a 100... and LIVING when I reach it... not just existing.

Your future self depends on the choices you make today.

As I saw with my parents, it's NEVER too late...

Because if tomorrow really your last day...

Wouldn't you want to spend it feeling your BEST?

Really getting the most out of life?

FEELING awesome is my modus operandi.

You can't enjoy anything in life – not the joy of children or grandchildren, the new house or new car, the promotion at work, the dream vacation or Paris, or the rock concert or the whatever, if you're feeling like poop or not here.

A serious health scare made me rethink all my priorities – and my dreams.

I stopped "waiting until Monday" to start things. I stopped waiting until I had time or money, or whatever colorful reason or justification I came up with.

They were all repackaged excuses.

Feeling awesome – being healthy... THAT gave me wings.

And apparently, the fountain of youth ;)

Goodbye 33, hello 34.

My birthday wish is that you find your healthy happy.

Stop the blah blah blah and grab life by the kale.

Now excuse me while I go stuff my face with Meal Mentor Birthday Cake Oatmeal.

6 tbsp dry rolled oats

1 tbsp oat flour

¼ tsp baking powder

⅛ tsp baking soda

1 tbsp pure maple syrup

½ tsp vanilla extract

1 tbsp applesauce

3-4 tbsp soy or almond milk

3 oz vegan yogurt

sprinkles (optional)


1. Preheat oven to 350F.

2. In a small bowl, combine oats, oat flour, baking powder and baking soda.

3. Add in the maple syrup, vanilla, applesauce, and 2 tbsp milk.

4. Stir & add more milk until batter forms. The mixture should be wet, not sopping.

5. Transfer mixture to an oven-safe dish.

6. Bake for 17-20 minutes, or until the top is set and golden.

7. Top with yogurt “icing” and sprinkles.


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