Visual Illusions -- How Your Plate Hijacks Your Hunger

Are you using the wrong plates?

Because even if you pick the perfect portion size…

Putting it on the wrong plate can hijack your thoughts and make you feel unsatisfied!

For example:

Image via Mo Illusions

Crazy right? One feels ABUNDANT and the other plates signal deprivation!

Stuck with BIG plates? Always fill half with salad or broccoli :)

Plate COLOR can also hijack your brain!

If the color of your food is the same color as your plate, you’ll feel less satisfied.

All the more reason to load it up with some GREENS!

Another study also concluded that plate rim widths and rim coloring can affect our perception of food portion size, too!

Overwhelming to think about, I know, but isn’t it also EMPOWERING?

To know using a smaller plate can help you feel satisfied?

That’s easy enough!

AND as you learned yesterday: smaller containers can help with satiation too!

Meal planning is a necessary part of tacking the portion problem.

Pre-storing your servings helps you create boundaries,

AND it helps satisfy so you don’t fall victim to external cues that cause you to overeat!

Now, you can take all these tips and run with them…

But if your sense of portions has been warped by restaurants and commercials (and a whopping 96% of America’s chains fall way outside the USDA recommendations), you might want to consider food rehab.

Use the meal plans as an educational tool to help learn what a portion really is.

The longer you stay on them and use them consistently, the more you’ll KNOW what a portion is.

You’ll know EXACTLY how much to eat or serve yourself.

You already know you can’t rely on your will alone -- environment plays a HUGE part.

BOTH ways!

STOP the overeating and portion distortion for good with this week’s meal plan.

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Portion Size Problem?

Ever have jury duty?

I did last month, AND on the very first day, security took my lunch!!

(Apparently glass tupperware is a weapon.)

The next day I packed the same lunch in small, 1-cup plastic containers.

(You know, to appease security.)

6 little containers instead of 2 big ones, and curiously, I didn’t finish my lunch.

I packed the same lunch AGAIN the next day, and didn’t finish again.

Then jury duty was over and I had the last serving of Bang Bang Chickpea Pasta for lunch at home.

And I ate the whole thing no problem.


Why did I eat it all on day 1 and day 4, but not the other two?

Did jury duty make me that nervous?

Not exactly.

The small containers created boundaries.

I had to stop eating to open the next container, a pause that gave me a chance to assess my hunger and satisfaction.

Most of us rely on external clues to tell us when to stop eating… like an empty plate.

Or in my case, an empty container.

This is one reason why it’s not a good idea to eat straight out of a bag or directly from the pot of food.

You should always pre-portion or pre-plate, then step away from the food source when you eat.

(Not having food ON the dinner table has made a huge difference with my overeating tendencies!!)

Another reason I LOVE the meal plans: portions are already decided for me.

I don’t have to guess or eyeball… because as we learned earlier this month, humans are TERRIBLE at estimating calories and portions.

The meal plans are an educational tool for you.

The longer you stay on them and use them consistently, the more you’ll KNOW what a portion is.

You’ll know EXACTLY how much to eat or serve yourself.

You won’t be victim to external cues that force you to overeat (more on that tomorrow!)

For now, I want you to start learning true portion sizes.

Download your free handy guide to serving sizes (below)!

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Busy Mom Podcast (& Parenting Tips)

A new podcast is up and ready for you!

In this episode Kim (my copilot!) shares how switching to a plant-based diet helped her avoid gallbladder surgery and lower her cholesterol.

A mom of 2 teens as well, Kim shares her strategies for making it work when you’re BEYOND busy, including quick-n-easy meals she makes (and her kids make!) when she doesn’t have time to cook or prep ahead AND how you can get kids on board with a plant-based diet.

Don’t miss her AMAZING parenting tips or her testimonial of the power of positivity for coping with OCD!

Kim is also my dazzling co-host for the new Meal Mentor book club! Have fun getting to know her :)

Get the current meal plan now.

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This Is EXACTLY What Meditation Will Do for You

“You don’t have to wear a robe, and sit lotus position and chant words you don’t know.”

That was Jocelyn’s advice to me, because that’s what I thought meditation was!

Meditation is really just training your brain…

Regaining control over your mind so you decide how to act, feel, or engage -- rather than just REACT to whatever situation you’re in.

For example, you know how when you see jerks on the internet you think, “They’re just looking for attention. Don’t engage. Don’t waste time or energy?”

Meditation teaches your brain to apply this process across the board to EVERYTHING so you engage with what matters and STOP grabbing hold to thoughts that don’t serve you.

Meditation helps you reconnect with yourself and what you need to thrive.

Think of meditation as a flashlight into your consciousness.

I spent years having no earthly idea of what I wanted or who I was or WHAT would make me happy… I was a miserable mess and meditation became my map for self-discovery!

Scientific research has also shown that meditation physically increases gray matter in the brain (the part that contains neurons) which directly affects and helps with increasing your focus, controlling stress and anxiety, boosting concentration, etc.

AND meditation fosters self-discipline and awareness, enhances sleep and intuition, and boosts creativity while reducing stress and anxiety.

Ready to give meditation a try and see what it can do for you?!


This Saturday (April 18th!) my friend Jocelyn will be hosting a LIVE beginners meditation workshop.

She’ll teach us how to meditate, discuss some of the reasons why people find it hard to meditate (plus solutions to make meditation easier) and she’ll lead us into a 10-minute guided meditation too!

Normally this workshop is $39.95 but this time it’s totally FREE for members!

And if you can’t attend, no worries -- members will have access to the recorded workshop.

You’ll also be able to download the workshop as an audio file so you can listen to Jocelyn’s guided meditation anywhere, any time you need her!!

(I love having her 10-day guided meditations on my phone!)

IMAGINE how amazing it will be to free yourself from the worry of all the small things… to live without stress… without INSOMNIA, and all that spinning in your head…

This workshop is for you if:

-You’re new to meditation and don’t know where to start

-You’ve been trying to meditate on your own and you’re not having success

-You already meditate and are dissatisfied with your meditation

-You want to eliminate stress, anxiety, and/or insomnia, while increasing self-control and the ability to regulate your emotions + be happier

If you want to gain control back of your life and start creating the life & health you DESERVE…

Don’t miss this free meditation workshop!

RECONNECT with your true self.

And because Jocelyn & I want to help you create a greater sense of peace, balance, and relaxation in your life RIGHT NOW…

Download a completely free mini meditation lesson from Jocelyn.

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Can Meditation Really Slow Aging & Boost Weight-Loss?

Do you have stress?


Does your mind spin and spin?

Do you worry about the past… or the future?

Is there a roadblock… something holding you back from a goal or dream and you can’t quite figure out what the hello kitty is going on?


(Hear me out!)

I thought meditation was some weirdo-hippie-yoga-granola-crunchy-LA thang

(and maybe it is)

but it WORKS.

And the latest neuroscience research PROVES that meditation techniques have beneficial effects on both your mind AND body.

Today’s reductionist society breeds disconnect.

We try to zoom in on one little thing -- like “superfoods” or pre-workout shakes or ab crunches -- rather than see the BIG totaltarian picture.

That the whole of the apple is greater than the sum of its parts.

And that WE are more than the sum of OUR parts!

We need to stop slicing and shoving different parts of ourselves and our lives into different boxes and thinking about them like they are somehow not connected.

Meditation brings you back to the present -- back to your true self. RECONNECT.

Daily practice (only 10 minutes!) has five valuable results:

1) ELIMINATES stress and anxiety. While stress may return to your life, it’s more manageable and you avoid the dreaded “when it rains it pours” effect.

2) ELIMINATES insomnia -- this alone is worth the effort for me. Drift off to sleep easily and sleep soundly.

3) FOSTERS creativity, positive emotion, clearer thinking, intuition, and the ability to multitask. Some of the most successful people (like Oprah and Steve Jobs) have used meditation.

4) INCREASES self-control, social connection, memory, and your ability to regulate your emotions.

5) IMPROVES health. Meditation can lower blood pressure, decrease pain, and strengthen your immune system -- even change the cellular biology of aging!

I can promise from my own experience that meditation will create positive changes in your life!

If you hate your job, feel depressed or feel dissatisfied / unfulfilled… meditation will help you.

If you have ever struggled with weight-loss, changing your diet, or even just sticking to a goal or New Year’s resolution… meditation will help you.

AND if you feel like you’re your own worst enemy… meditation will REALLY help you.

Now I know you probably have a million questions (because I had a million questions) and for the longest time I thought I was doing it wrong, or I sucked at, and so forth…

SOOO I’ve solicited the help of my friend Jocelyn who is a meditation expert and teacher

and TOMORROW she’s going to send you your first mini meditation lesson. To get it, sign up here, FREE.

Are you READY to create a greater sense of peace, balance, and relaxation in your life?

To RECONNECT with yourself?

If YES, leave a comment below saying, “I’m ready”

Take the first step and make the commitment (it makes a difference).

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Beating Plateaus Podcast


A new podcast is up and ready for you!

In this episode Stephanie (my copilot!) shares how she lost over 100lbs and got over a few big plateaus! She also gives practical advice on how to manage when you feel isolated or unsupported, and how having the right mindset makes a huge difference.

Stephanie’s positivity and happiness is radiating -- I promise your cheeks will hurt from smiling after listening to her upbeat, inspirational attitude. Don’t miss this bright hearted podcast!

Get the current meal plan now.

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