The Podcast is Back! (Season 2)

Season 2 of the podcast is back!

You can listen to the new episodes (and all of Season 1) on iTunes here. (It's Free). You can also listen via SimpleCast here.

I'm kicking off season two with Chrysanthe (my co-pilot!) and how she maintains a plant-based diet while traveling the world as a musician!

In this episode, Chrysanthe and I talk about traveling (explaining veganism to other cultures, how she made it work on a tour bus, and what to pack), beauty and weight standards (what is "ideal" anyway?), and being a minority in the plant-based community.

Don't miss this episode for fantastic travel tips and awesome insight into very real, but often sensitive issues.

You can sample Chrysanthe's music here. (You've probably seen me tweet about how much I love her album STORIES 100 times!)

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My List of Oil-Free Brands at Common Stores

Wondering what pitas to buy? 

Or which store-bought pasta sauces are oil-free?

And are there ANY tortillas without oil??


Click here to see my oil-free brands list.

If I missed YOUR fave oil-free (vegan) brand, let me know :)

With the help of the MM member community, I’m updating this list weekly so bookmark it and check back!

Speaking of the MM community, there are dozens of threads dedicated to brands and DIY recipes for things like marinara or ketchup in our private forums. 

There are even threads dedicated to popular brands in other places like Canada, Australia & Europe! Great for our international members & those who travel! 

(And don’t forget the DIY cookbook in the member library!!! 25+ oil-free, allergy-free recipes for your basic staples.)

P.S. I admitted in the last batch cooking video that sometimes I rely on store-bought sauces when I’m super pressed for time. 

Remember our 2016 mantra: ABILITY! > motivation. 

It’s totally OKAY to use pre-made and store-bought ingredients, especially when you’re first starting out. As you get better at cooking and eating healthy, you might decide to DIY, but a homemade meal that involves store-bought enchilada sauce is still 1000x better than takeout! AND while oil-free is ideal, remember that SUCCESS with the plant-based diet is more important than ideology. Make it work! 

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Have you seen my before picture?

This picture from 2010 popped up in my Facebook "memories" last week.

We were vegan for 3+ years at that point, but I didn't create the meal plans until a year later (2011).

Coincidentally, we were just at that same hotel with our family last month.

The meal plans REALLY do make the difference!!

It's not just the weight/fat loss that is striking; it's the fact that we both look so healthy now!! The change in our skin appearance alone blows my mind.

When I say "I get it" I really, truly do. Not just as a former yo-yo, but I struggled for years even as a vegan... gaining and losing the same 10 (okay, 20!) pounds.

My family and I can vouch for the results. I practice what I preach. Having a plan in place has made all the difference in my long-term success.

(Because success comes from consistency)

If you're serious about your 2016 resolutions…

Make it easy to be consistent…Join the other VIPs! They will elevate & motivate!!!

P.S. Signup TODAY and get a head start on your resolutions with our complimentary Detox Meal Plan! This the EXACT refresh and reboot you need to kickstart 2016 (after all those holiday festivities)!

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OMG this soup trick will blow your mind

Check this tip out:


And if you live with leftoverphobes, this method is MAGICAL!

Freeze half of a soup from the current plan and swap it a week or month later. 

A single soup-muffin isn’t quite “portion size” but it’s GREAT for storage.

AND they make for a fast reheat! (Kids think they’re fun, too!) 

You can also store soup in a sandwich bag and freeze it laying flat (stack ‘em like pancakes) OR fill mason jars ¾-full and lay it on it’s side in the freeze. When you stand it upright to reheat, you can use the soup-glacier to know when it’s reheated. Cool ‘eh?

And speaking of magicool, I’ve been secretly working on a big surprise for you…

Stay tuned for all those juicy details next week!

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Avoiding the Festive 15

The average American gains 10-15 pounds this month.

Let’s make sure that’s not you!

Weigh Yourself Twice a Week

While I encourage NSVs (non-scale victories) all year, I find weighing yourself twice a week keeps you honest during the holidaze.

If nothing else, there’s no BIG BIG surprise come January 1st.

Keep in mind, though, that when drinking and being merry, your body will hold onto more water than usual, so don’t get too obsessed with the numbers.

Wear Tight, Fitted Clothes

Sweats and sweaters are cozy and comfy, but loose-fitting and stretchy attire makes it easy to gain weight without realizing it. Choose clothes that are fitted so you stay honest.


Only plate items you really, really want, rather than taking helpings of everything you don’t hate.

Don’t Chase the Dragon

With desserts and rich treats, the first bite is mind-blowing, but each bite thereafter isn’t as good. Oftentimes we keep eating, trying to get back to that initial bliss.

The point of diminishing returns is typically after the third bite. Pay attention and stop eating when you’re not having the same enjoyment.

Keep a Warm Weather Outfit Out

Look at it as a reminder and try it on periodically, too!

Consider Intermittent Fasting

Many of our members have had great success with IF (for weight-loss and learning their true hunger). I love practicing it when I’m on vacation and during the holidays because rules bypass willpower, which is an extremely exhaustible resource!

Plus, as my husband jokes, it’s less hours in the day your face is in the troph ;)

(Members, see the weight-loss ebook on your dashboard and threads in the forums to learn more.)

Happy Holidays (not Holidaze!)

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Meal Mentor 2015 Holiday Gift Guide!

It's that time of year to start thinking about what to gift the Herbie in your life!

(OR just think of this post as a comprehensive list of MUST HAVE tools!)

Seriously… some of these things make eating healthy (or following the meal plans) SO.MUCH.EASIER.

OH! Before I forget!!

Annual Meal Plan Premium Memberships will be back for the LAST TIME on Cyber Monday (that's this coming Monday, November 30th)! ONE DAY ONLY!

Signup for the FREE newsletter for details!

We will not be offering this deal again.

Annual Membership includes:

  • Private VIP Facebook group with Lindsay
  • Access to Private Members Forums
  • 1-on-1 with Lindsay in the VIP group
  • Priority support/email
  • Private monthly group challenges (with prizes!)
  • Access to new features before anyone else
  • Opportunity to make recipe requests
  • Provide feedback/suggestions on upcoming features or workshops
  • Free books & bonus cookbooks
  • Exclusive videos
  • Live workshops!!
  • Live chats
  • An ultra supportive family (1,671+ new besties!)
  • Long-time members as your mentor

Gifts for the BATCH COOKER:

Meal prep containers. Also available in round.

GLASSLOCK!!! (please-oh-please Santa bring me some more!)

Pressure Cooker (for batching beans, grains, broth, potatoes & more basics)

(See my comparison blog post Instapot vs. Cuisinart if you’re undecided)

Silicone Freezer Tray (for soups, sauces, leftovers like tomato sauce or pumpkin)

Gifts for the Healthy Professional:

Mini Slow Cooker for workdays.

Or use a Portable Soup container (a thermos works too--it just isn’t as user-friendly)

Here’s a cheaper, no-frills version.

Stays Cold/No Sweat Water bottle

Gifts for the Home Cook (a.k.a. House Chef):

A quality Chef’s Knife like Wusthof Classic ($79.95) or Victorinox ($39) for a cheaper (but still great!) option.

Microplane zester

And if you want to suggest the plant-based lifestyle to someone...

The Happy Herbivore Guide to Plant-Based Living (also available as an audible book!)

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