Beating Plateaus Podcast


A new podcast is up and ready for you!

In this episode Stephanie (my copilot!) shares how she lost over 100lbs and got over a few big plateaus! She also gives practical advice on how to manage when you feel isolated or unsupported, and how having the right mindset makes a huge difference.

Stephanie’s positivity and happiness is radiating -- I promise your cheeks will hurt from smiling after listening to her upbeat, inspirational attitude. Don’t miss this bright hearted podcast!

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What to Do When You’ve Overeaten or Slipped Up

Big thanks to everyone who shared their motivator regrets on the blog!!

Keep using past “slip ups” as motivation to do better next time!!

RECALL how you felt doing a particular action in the past BEFORE doing it.

(This allows regrets to be powerful little red flags warning you not to repeat a misstep.)

But mistakes still happen.

And most often those slip ups are around food.

Here’s what you should do if you’ve overeaten or made a regretful choice:

#1 Take a 30-minute walk.

Help your body break down the food so it’s not immediately stored as fat. While you can’t quite run off a jelly doughnut (and a 30-minute walk won’t bring you back to equilibrium) some movement is better than none and helps switch your brain from “I hate myself” to “I’m doing a good thing.” Fuel the healthy fire -- and if nothing else, at least you’re distracted from eating more.

Don’t use your slip as an excuse to abandon ship.

Minor setbacks and frustrations are habit destroyers if you succumb to the “ahscrewit” moment. Keep focus on all the other progress you’ve made.

Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

It’s NOT okay to blow the whole thing off because you messed up along the way.

Regret as motivation, remember?

Don’t tighten the belt either.

Getting extra restrictive isn’t a good defense. Success requires fluidity.

Regular and consistent patterns are key.

Living on a roller coaster isn’t sustainable. Go back to what’s sustainable.

Above all: Maintain a self-SUPPORTING environment.

Cheerlead yourself to the finish.

ONE episode of overeating or ONE slip up won’t bankrupt you -- it’s when one becomes two, becomes four, and so on.

Has a crappy meal ever sent you on a weekend bender of eating all your favorite foods “one last time” before starting over on Monday?

Don’t wait for Monday.

Get started TODAY with this week's meal plan.

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How to Turn Your Regrets into Motivation

This may shock you…

but I think “screwing up” can be beneficial.

Detours on the highway to health make you appreciate the fast lane :)

Regret is a great teacher

and a powerful MOTIVATOR.

How often do you go back to the very thing that ruins your happiness?

Or your success?

To prevent this, pause briefly before taking an action to recall how you felt doing it in the past.

For example, when you’re staring down a tempting doughnut in the breakroom, recall how you felt the last time you ate a sugary treat.

If you’re like me, you felt droopy and bloated (AND blamed yourself for 2 days).

This trick works in a POSITIVE manner too!

If you’re looking at the Eggplant Involtini or Lemony Kale & Quinoa Salad and aren’t feeling it -- maybe you’re desiring junky takeout, think about how good you felt the last time you ate a healthy meal…

The pure energy and self-pride…

Think big picture.

Use regret as your motivation to do better next time.

Slip ups make you realize you really aren’t missing out.

That it didn’t taste as good as you remembered…

That it’s TRUE: Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels.

When you fall down, get back up, dust yourself off, and try again.

Will you EMPOWER yourself instead of beat yourself up?

If so, share your motivating regret in the comments below.

TOMORROW I’ll share how you can make up for what’s happened.

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Gene Baur Podcast

A new Meal Mentor podcast is up and ready for you!

In this episode I chat up animal hero Gene Baur about living compassionately, staying positive and plant-based in a non-vegan world, and his new book, Living the Farm Sanctuary Life: The Ultimate Guide to Eating Mindfully, Living Longer, and Feeling Better Every Day.

His advice for leading by example, preaching positivity, and embracing the journey, is hugely inspiring. Gene shares our “progress not perfection” motto and defines veganism and plant-based as an aspiration because life is never black and white.

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The Most IMPORTANT Exercise

You already know that it’s your OVERALL nutrition that determines success.

That you have to be CONSISTENT.

Because 1 gallon of premium gas with 12 gallons of the cheap stuff isn’t going to make a big difference in your performance.

Health (and weight-loss) can only come out of consistency…

Repetitively doing what needs to be done is the heart of maintenance and peak performance.

BUT there is still one EXTREMELY IMPORTANT exercise you must do to lose weight.


More than sit ups or push ups or running marathons, keeping accountable of what goes in the mouth is the clincher.

Any time a member comes to me about a plateau, I require they keep a detailed food journal.

They often scoff, “I follow the meal plans! What else do you need to know?”

But before long they catch themselves.

They never realized just how many pieces of candy “here and there” they ate (that seem small and inconsequential at the time but quickly add up), or how much mindless munching they do while cooking or socializing… or even how many glasses of wine they had cumulatively over the week.

(Doing this exercise for a month also helps you uncover patterns that need correction.)

Take it from Ron:

The book Mindless Eating has a fascinating study about chicken wings -- and how leaving the bones on the table made diners eat substantially less.

(Those with bussed tables ate 28% more!!!)

Our stomachs can’t count and we don’t remember.

Unless we can actually see what we’re eating (or have eaten), we can very easily overeat.

Wansink’s research reinforces the importance of keeping yourself accountable.


You have to set yourself up for success. Pre-plan what you’ll eat because...

We’re TERRIBLE at estimating how many calories we’ve eaten.

Even RDs and nutritionists have bombed in studies where they were asked to estimate a portion or an amount of calories.

We default to underestimating calories consumed and overestimate calories burned.

(Not a good combo!!)

Remove the margin of error with this week’s meal plan.

We improve what we measure.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

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Should You Eat Back Your Exercise Calories?

Does this sound familiar?

“I’ve got to eat to fuel my workout”

“Time for my recovery shake”

The pre- and post-workout supplement business is a BIG business.

And largely a scam.

Unless you are underweight or doing extreme exercise for over 1 hour, you don’t need added nutrition.

ESPECIALLY if you’re trying to lose weight.

Your body naturally stores 1200 or more calories of “ready to use” energy (your glycogen) which will power you through a workout.

PLUS what you eat before or after exercise is a fairly insignificant portion of your overall diet.

Consider this: If you put 1 gallon of premium gas in your car with 12 gallons of the cheap stuff, is it really going to make a difference in the car’s performance?

Would even one full tank of premium matter all that much in the life of the car?

For top performance your overall diet matters. It’s about good maintenance.

You have to be consistent…

Because your body is building, recovering, and maintaining 24/7.

But there’s a BIGGER problem.

It’s easy to overestimate calorie burn and underestimate calorie consumption.

(Even the more expensive apps and gadgets grossly overestimate what you’ve burned.)

If you eat back the calories you think you expend during exercise, you’ll unintentionally undermine your efforts to lose weight.

(And you already know that exercise can be a hidden form of self-sabotage… “I can eat more because I exercised”)

Eating systematically (especially when you don’t feel hungry) also overrides your hunger cues which can negatively affect future satiety AND corrupt your appestat (appetite thermometer).

Intuitively, you know a single post-workout shake, or pre-workout meal will have minimal impact on your overall nutrition.

And it’s your OVERALL nutrition, not acute meal-timing, that determines performance.

AND HEALTH + weight-loss!!

Moral of the story: Unless you’re a high performance athlete or trying to gain weight, chances are you don’t need pre- and post-workout nutrition.

But you DO need to be consistent with your diet.

Having a game plan will keep you on track. If you’re hungry and without good options, you’ll fall victim to junk foods, cancelling out all that good exercise!

Fuel your body the right way with nutritionally balanced meals like the Baked Bolognese, Cinnamon Toast Quinoa, Mango BBQ Sliders & Pineapple Vegetable Rice -- all on this week's meal plan!

That being said, there *IS* still one EXTREMELY IMPORTANT exercise you must do.

Tomorrow I’ll share the MOST IMPORTANT exercise critical to weight-loss

P.S. You DO need to replenish your fluids post workout -- so drink water. AND if you ever feel wobbly or lightheaded, that’s usually a sign you’ve depleted your glycogen. Eat simple carbohydrates for fast relief.

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